Qurkl Simplifies Online Business Searches

Qurkl was created with both business owners and consumers in mind. Having had other businesses, they were frustrated with the costs associated with advertising in business listings. Their frustrations came in various forms.

1)Multiple and various fees for exposure in different categories, without guaranteed exposure.
2)Restrictions on the number of categories and locations a business can be listed in.
3)Someone signing up after you, who’s willing to pay more, automatically bumps your listing down.
4)To change your paid listing, you have to speak with a sales representative.
5)You may have contractual obligations.
6)Your listings can be cluttered with photos and other useless information.
7)Difficulty getting located.

With so much frustration, they took a step back to really gather in everything they had learned. They thought there has to be something they can do. Do is exactly what they did.

Qurkl has created something much simpler to use. They created a variant of the Yellowpages, Craigslist, and Backpages. They dumped the excessive waste to supply consumers and business owners with a user friendly, cost effective business listing.

The benefits of their service are as follows:

List your business for free

Edit your listing whenever and however you want. You’ll never have to speak with a representative.

Listings are not based on who has the most money for advertising, it’s Free! Rankings are based on the businesses activity.

Complete freedom to choose the information and keywords fitting your business best. There’s no picking from a predetermined list.

Businesses can list by city and state. You can list your street address, if you want.

Obviously, you will increase traffic to your business and/or website. The more places you are listed, the better. It’s just more opportunity for clients and businesses to find you.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering how they can afford to provide this listing service without charging a fee. They will provide Google ads on the right side, as well as provide an area for businesses to make special announcements. They do charge a fee to make special announcements. Between the Google ads and the special announcements, they feel they’ll be able to provide free listings for years to come.

Qurkl realizes businesses are struggling. They believe providing quality service and cooperative marketing will help revitalize the economy. They know it won’t happen overnight, but sometimes you have to dare to be different.

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