Rango Cowboy Halloween Costume

Rango was one of the most memorable and enjoyable children’s movies of the year for me so I couldn’t resist the urge to write a costume guide about it. Now sure you can buy a preassembled Rango Cowboy Halloween Costume or Rango Hawaiian Halloween Costume, but personally I think it is a lot more fun to put together your own. And if you already have any (or all) of the items I have mentioned laying around the house you can save money too!

Rango Halloween Costume: Materials

Green cream makeup (get some in blue too if you are feeling adventurous) A cowboy hat Cowboy boots Jeans White, long sleeved button-up shirt A brown vest Sheriff badge Red bandanna Belt with holsters and a toy gun

Rango Halloween Costume: Clothing
Button up your white, long sleeved shirt and tuck it in to your jeans. Next tie on your red bandanna with the knot in front (you can swing it around later in the night if there is a dust storm or crazy showdown). Slide into your vest and move along to the next step.

Rango Halloween Costume: Hair
Don’t be silly, chameleons don’t have hair! But you probably do, so get a wig cap to keep it out of the way and help keep it hidden under your cowboy hat.

Rango Halloween Costume: Makeup
This is the FUN part because it is the messy part. Since you already have on the clothing part of your costume, use paper towels tucked into the neck of your shirt to keep your makeup off of your clothing. Apply your green cream makeup all over your face, it is up to you if you want to put makeup on your neck or not, but keep in mind that you might not be able to get it all off of your white shirt so your best bet is to stop at the jaw line.

Rango Halloween Costume: Accessories
Alright cowboy, strap on your belt and holster. Pin on your sheriff’s badge and slide on your cowboy boots. Whatever you do, do not forget your cowboy hat! Now let’s get out there, show everyone who is boss, and get some candy!

Rango Halloween Costume: Applicable Websites

Rango on DVD/Blue-ray Combo Rango the Official Website IMDb: Rango (2011)

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