Ranking Veronica Mars Season 1 Episodes

Veronica Mars fans are a passionate group who adore their beloved show. I am absolutely one of them. Kristen Bell is an engaging actress who you route for at all costs as Veronica. Season one was an incredible journey through mysteries, heart ache, laughter and tears. The cast creates such a strong ensemble and as a fan you hope you can watch them through high school, college, and beyond. Let us take a look at each episode and rank them from really great to most awesome. As a fan you know, there’s no such thing as a bad Veronica Mars episode.

22. Meet John Smith: (Episode 3) It’s a mildly interesting story line for a classmates dead father to end up being a trans-woman. However, in the scheme of things this episode is mostly important for us understanding more about Duncan’s depression and medication. We do find out that Veronica is getting closer to finding her mother.

21. Girl Next Door: (Episode 7) While I love Logan and Weevil in detention together, I am not a fan of Veronica suddenly having a pregnant neighbor that she is besties with. We do find out out information on Lianne and Jake in high school and that Weevil has a tattoo of the name Lilly on his arm.

20. Lord of the Bling: (Episode 13) We get more pieces of what went down when Lilly was still alive. Veronica and Lilly had befriended a new girl Yolanda, until Veronica spots her kissing Logan at a party. Thus ends the friendship, until Keith is hired to find a missing Yolanda. The best part of this episode is Logan coming to Veronica for help to find his mother, who he believes is still alive.

19. Hot Dogs: (Episode 19) While we get some Veronica/Logan time, the hunt for the dog nappers isn’t the most exciting of Veronica Mars mysteries. When a classmate we’ve never met befores dog goes missing, Veronica has to help. This is also the episode where Weevil gets arrested for breaking into Lilly’s room and Aaron Echolls beats the crap out of Trina’s abusive boyfriend.

18. Ruskie Business: (Episode 15) This is the episode where we learn that Logan is Veronica’s priority whether she likes it or not. It’s also the episode of the Russian mob debacle. The best part about it is we get to hear Keith speak a little Russian, okay maybe just one word, but that’s enough for me to be excited. This is also the episode where we find out Duncan is into Meg, and most Veronica Mars fans were ecstatic! (Because most Veronica fans are Love shippers, of course.) We also get drunk Logan in his tighty whities singing!

17. You Think You Know Somebody: (Episode 5) The boys go to Tijuana and things don’t go so well. We get to see a nice twist where Veronica figures out a mystery without telling us every detail and Troy is stuck without his drugs. Don’t mess with Veronica and certainly don’t ask for her help in getting to the bottom of something that you are lying about. The most important part is Veronica getting into her mother’s safety deposit box and finds photos of herself with gun sights around her face.

16. Credit Where Credit is Due: (Episode 2) The second episode of season one we get to know Weevil’s grandmother and also unfortunately, have to watch Paris Hilton act. It’s great to get to know Weevil better, but not even finding out clues about Lilly’s time of death can move this episode up the list. The best part is getting to see Duncan and Veronica together. It’s the first clues to how they are going to move passed everything that has happened.

15. M.A.D.: (Episode 20) I like Carmen, and I also love all the ways they try to stick it to Tad. The other important points are the Kane’s offering $50,000 for anyone who finds Duncan, Keith putting out a missing persons notice to divorce Lianne, Alicia being forced to choose between her job and Keith, and the biggy: Veronica finds out that Logan was handing out the drugs at the party that she got raped. They can’t make anything in Logan or Veronica’s life easy, can they?

14. Silence of the Lamb: (Episode 11) I love whenever Lamb needs help from Keith. I also love Veronica using Leo to steal the Lilly Kane hot line tapes. We also get a lot of Mac in this episode and we find out she was switched at birth. More importantly, we find out Clarence Weidman is the one who gave the tip on the hot line about Lilly Kane’s murderer.

13. Clash of the Tritons: (Episode 12) This episode is tricky because the Triton story line is my least favorite from season one. However, Veronica getting arrested at school with all of her fake IDs is pretty awesome. She also bugs the grief counseling sessions of all the students talking about Lilly’s death with the school counselor. We get pieces of information from Logan, Weevil, and Duncan. We also get to hear Kristen Bell singing! That is always a big plus. Almost forgot, this is when Lynn’s car is found on the bridge. Always a lot going on in Neptune!

12. Like a Virgin: (Episode 8) I found the purity test greatly entertaining, especially when it is clear that our beloved Mac reaped the benefit of all the money! It’s also awesome for Keith to go all bad cop on the tenant that is torturing Alicia. However, the very best part is Veronica’s visit to Abel Koontz and the realization that Jake Kane might be her father. We also get to know Meg better, and who doesn’t like Meg?

11. Kanes and Abel’s: (Episode 17) Veronica is going to find out everything about Abel Koontz’s daughter Amelia DeLongpre and in lesser news help get to the bottom of who is harassing Sabrina. It’s important because this is where Veronica really starts to be suspicious of Duncan. Her dad finally reveals that Duncan’s soccer uniform was in the wash and Logan finally reveals that Duncan has fits of rage.

10. Drinking the Kool-Aid: (Episode 9) There’s something endearing about Casey, which makes this episode about him joining what may be a cult completely interesting. It’s also disturbing that his parents hire someone to brain wash him to make sure that he doesn’t take the money that was left to him and run. It’s also greatly entertaining to watch Veronica write emo poetry and check the “cult” out. We also have Veronica get test results of whether or not she is Keith’s daughter, which she shreds. When will we know the truth!?

9. Return of the Kane: (Episode 6) This episode lets us into the relationship between Duncan and his father and worse Logan and Aaron. We really get a glimpse of the abusive relationship between Logan and his father. The best moment of the episode is Logan saying on news camera that his father is donating half a million dollars to the Neptune food bank. During all of this, there is also the political campaign for class president at school. The important clue is Lilly’s shoes. Veronica knows they were in Lilly’s room at the time of the murder, so how did the suspected murderer get a hold of them since then?

8. Betty and Veronica: (Episode 16) Veronica undercover is always fun, but it’s even more fun when the principal puts her up to it! The school mascot has been stolen and it’s keeping Wallace from playing. Of course, Veronica gets to the bottom of this mystery, but her mother gives her even more clues for the big mysteries. She doesn’t know who Veronica’s father is and she is Jake’s alibi for Lilly’s murder, and sort of Celeste’s as well. Veronica checks her into rehab. She also finds out that Clarence Weidman bugged her room, so she bugs him and finds out more information on Abel Koontz.

7. Mars vs. Mars: (Episode 14) What makes this episode so great is Veronica is wrong! I mean, really really wrong. Her favorite teacher did have an affair with a student. It’s a lot of fun to see Veronica and Keith working against each other on a case. It’s also great to see Leighton Meister on the show! In other news, a kid has a video of Lynn falling off of the bridge, but at the same time, one of Lynn’s credit cards are being used. Can Logan handle much more?

6. An Echolls Family Christmas: (Episode 10) The more Weevil and Logan have scenes together, the better an episode is, right? That’s my opinion anyway. The poker game is entertaining, and it’s great watching Veronica make all the different men involved squirm. It also provides us with more scenes with Logan and Veronica. This is also the episode where someone is stalking Aaron Echolls and he gets stabbed at his Christmas party. It was the most fun I’ve ever had watching someone get stabbed for sure!

5. The Wrath of Con: (Episode 4) Searching for who stole Wallace’s sort of girlfriend’s money is not the most interesting plot on Veronica Mars. However, we get such amazing glimpses into the homecoming where Duncan, Veronica, Lilly and Veronica all went together. It’s hard not to fall in love with Lilly and understand how hard it is for the surviving three to go on without her. It also shows us just how big the change is in Veronica after Lilly’s death and her own rape. The best part is Veronica giving Logan tapes of all of this to add to Lilly’s memorial video. We see that there is in fact a softer side of Logan and also a deep connection that Logan and Veronica share.

4. Weapons of Class Destruction: (Episode 18) The episode that brings Jonathan Taylor Thomas to Veronica Mars is really important for one reason only: The first Logan and Veronica kiss. The story line of the bomb threat and a possible student wanting to kill people is totally sideline by the kiss. It’s out of nowhere and it’s spectacular and it changes everything from that point on.

3. A Trip to the Dentist: (Episode 21) This is such an amazing episode. Veronica is finally ready to get to the bottom of what happened at the party where she got raped. She is surprised by everything she finds out. It leads to one of Kristen Bell’s most emotional moment of confronting Duncan and finding out that he thinks that she is his sister and that’s why they broke up in the first place. This is also the episode where Aaron throws a surprise party for Logan and everyone finds out Logan and Veronica are together. Unfortunately, Veronica finds the cameras in the pool house and leaves. It also opens up the possibility that Beaver was somehow involved, which drives the season 2 mystery.

2. Pilot: (Episode 1) The first episode left me awe struck. I had never been so immediately pulled into a mystery and so engaged by characters I had just met. We get pieces of each mystery. Who drugged and raped Veronica? Who killed Lilly? Where is Lianne? Why are Lianne and Jake Kane meeting? The best part of the episode is Veronica cutting Wallace down from the pole and the start of their friendship. We also get to see Veronica do her best work by setting up Logan to get into the evidence room to let Weevil off and get everyone of Wallace’s back. That’s our Veronica!

1. Leave it to Beaver: (Episode 22) This episode is like a mini-movie. There is so much that happens. Logan suddenly appears like a prime suspect as he lied about when he returned from Mexico. Logan is devastated that Veronica thinks he killed Lilly. Duncan also finds out that his parents think he may have killed Lilly. Weevil overhears that Logan may have killed Lilly and the biker gang beat him up and how the fight ends is a huge deal for season 2. Veronica also finds out that Keith is her father. Keith breaks up with Alicia and tries to make it work with Lianne. Veronica decides to see if she can find Logan’s letter to Lilly had a party at the Kane’s. She finds tapes that her and Duncan see showing Aaron and Lilly sleeping together. She leaves to bring the tapes to her dad not knowing that Aaron is in her car. The rest is absolute edge of the seat drama leading to Keith in the hospital. Lianne takes off with Veronica’s college money and we’re left wondering who is at the door to see Veronica at the end.

Thanks to the Veronica Mars Season 1 episode guide for helping us through our journey of Veronica Mars season one.

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