Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Tempest in the Tea Party Episode Re-Cap

The episode began with Kim finally introducing Kyle to her secret boyfriend Ken who had a promise ring on. Turns out the ring is from Kim. Kyle is just in tears. She feels Ken is a bad choice. Kim wants Kyle to like Ken but it appears the Richards and Hiltons aren’t going to be happy.

I wouldn’t be. Couldn’t Kim have found a Ken more like Ken Todd?

Why does Kim make such bad choices? Ken is still on and was searching for ladies up to 20 years younger than him. He was active as recently as three weeks ago. On the plus side maybe he and Kim are done and she has finally learned to pick better men.

Once Kyle is back at home she laments to her husband Mauricio about Ken. Mauricio looks equally dismayed at Kim’s new man. Then Kyle adds how her mom, Big Kathy, would ignore Ken because she did that to men she didn’t like around her daughters. Kyle is right to be worried as Kim’s kids complain to her about Ken being controlling.

Kim just can’t read red flags.

He also looks broke and possibly alcoholic. His bulging eyes and flushed skin give it away.

The only way to know for sure is for Paul to assess him.

Adrienne and Paul celebrate his birthday at a private lunch. The conversation turns to Taylor and Paul doesn’t believe the accusations against Russell. Adrienne isn’t so sure either but they manage to enjoy and toast to Paul as a firecracker candle birthday dish arrives.

The Maloof-Nassif marriage seems to be the most stable union given that Adrienne and Paul are down-to-Earth despite their immense wealth.

Taylor on the other hand seems to be a wreck and a passive-aggressive game player. Taylor or Shanna decided to not invite Lisa to her awards event. The L.A. Business Journal nominated Taylor for a Women in Business Award for her work as Creative Director for Lisa finds out about being excluded when Kyle calls from the hotel asking where she is.

If Taylor is so desperate to have Lisa as a friend this was not the best move. She spends the luncheon telling the girls, including Dana Wilkey, about how mean Lisa is to her. Lisa tells her Ken who seems none too amused himself. Lisa knows she can play that game back and hence the Tea Party.

Since there are two Kens on the scene let’s call Ken Todd the Posh Ken and Kim’s Ken the Pauper Ken.

Its cat fight central with manicured claws once Lisa and Taylor square off. Taylor breaks down and cries saying that Lisa has been awful to her. Ever the cool Brit, Lisa calmly keeps her head rational and tells Taylor how incorrect she is on everything.

If Lisa is like The Iron Lady of Beverly Hills then Taylor or Shanna is the Eva Peron of the lunch set. Margaret Thatcher would be so proud of how Lisa handled Taylor’s Evita-like histrionics.

Taylor temporarily storms out, runs into Paul at the gate and complains about being ganged up on. However, she takes the opportunity to get free cosmetic surgery advice before storming back in to scold Lisa again.

Lisa’s posh stiff upper lip won’t let Taylor rattle her. Besides, while Taylor was outside they all started talking about whether they believe the abuse rumors. Once Taylor is back in the house Camille finally confronts Taylor about her marriage and whether Russell hits her.

Oh Taylor/Shanna you are no match for a Lady Thatcher like Lisa when you go all Oklahoma on her. Clearly Taylor wants to be Lisa and attacks her while yearning for her approval. Taylor didn’t your mama ever tell you to be yourself?

Lucky Kim is missing from all this drama. She has enough of her own. The ladies also think Kim is settling with Pauper Ken. Good for Kim for missing what comes next.

Taylor tries to suck in Kyle and the rest into a fight with Lisa but they don’t know what she is talking about. Taylor really does live in her own little world. Diplomatic Adrienne had to calm things down but couldn’t when Camille erupted at Taylor. Now its on between the both of them!

Oh Taylor, don’t you know that Eleanor Roosevelt had it right: No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. Not even Lisa VanderPump.

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