Really Jillian Michaels, Really?


Did anyone else see the Doctors this morning? If you did you’re probably as shocked as I am regarding some of the things Ms. Michaels had to say.

The show was about sex and they showed a clip of a doctor talking to a group of teens about their sexual habits. Then they switch to a teen in the audience who states to everyone’s shock that she is 15 and pregnant. You could see the heartache in her mothers eyes. That’s when Jillian decided to ask the mom where she was when her 15 year old daughter was having sex! Really Jillian, really? I mean what? Are you really that naïve to think…1,2,3,4,5,6…10.

Now that I’ve calmed down a bit I’ll continue. She asked the question and then didn’t want to really listen to her answer. To the moms credit she stayed calm while she explained that her daughter isn’t with her all the time. But that she didn’t really know how to explain it to someone who doesn’t have kids. What was Jillians reply? “But I have been a teenage girl.” she calmly stated. Wow I had no idea that having once been a teenage girl qualifies you to give parenting advice. When Dr. Wendy tried to involve the other teens there by asking them what they thought of the pregnant teens situation Jillian cut off the girl that started to answer before she was able to finish her thought by saying, rather condescendingly, “Oh sweetie I disagree. My mother talked to me about values and respecting my body…” Well that explains it. Everyone listen up Jillians got the solution to the problem of teen pregnancy in America! Just talk to your kids about values and respecting their bodies because I’m sure no parent has ever thought of this! OMG! It’s so simple. Jillian you are my hero! Maybe you can get your mom to write out a speech and post it online so that every parent in America, no, the world can read it to their kids and stop this crazy teen sex epidemic.

Look I understand the importance of talking with your kids about sex. About understanding their bodies and the consequences of choosing to have sex before they are mentally or emotionally ready. The pregnant teen on the show spoke of the things she has lost now that this has happened to her. How she was a straight A student, hung out with friends and played sports on teams since she was 3 years old. She tearfully stated that that’s all gone now and that you think you know someone then something like this happens and you realize you didn’t know them at all. Not once did she blame her mother, never came out of her mouth. Her mom stated how they had talked about sex, morals, values, religion and abstinence. In a perfect world that would have been enough to prevent this from happening but the world isn’t perfect and people, even adults that think they know everything, sometimes make costly mistakes.

As a mother to 3 teen girls I’ve had the talk with them on more than one occasion. I’ve tried to keep an open dialogue with them about it much to their embarrassment. I have told them if you can’t handle me talking about it using the correct terminology or even slang terminology then they aren’t ready to have sex. I try to keep a tight grip on them and know where they are and have some idea of what they are doing all the time. But believe me when I tell you if they want to sneak around a bit they will find a way to do it. I sure did when I was a teenaged girl and I had to be home 5-7 minutes after the final bell rang at school. My mom and dad didn’t play. At all!

Having those 3 teen daughters my heart goes out to this mom who became the object of Jillians judgmental attitude. I can only imagine the guilt she has heaped upon herself over this. The heartache she feels at knowing the hard path her daughter and future grandchild have ahead of them has got to be almost unbearable. I’m sure she questions herself everyday. What she did wrong or if there was something she should or could have done different? I can’t answer those questions for her but I can say this…her daughters decision to have sex at this young age was entirely hers. She found a way to do what she wanted to do and now she faces the consequences of her actions.

To Jillian I say “In a perfect world our kids would do exactly as we parents said. Heck in a perfect world you wouldn’t have a job because being perfect no one would overeat so no one would be over weight so there would have been no show called The Biggest Loser. So you wouldn’t have been employed by the show. So we probably would’ve never heard of you. You know what? Now I wish this was a perfect world.”

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