Reasons Not to Be a Heartbreaker

British songstress Adele recently released her new CD titled, “21”; The entire content of the album was inspired from a recent breakup with a boyfriend whom we now know broke her heart. Why am I offended? Well am not. It just seems to me that majority of songs nowadays, especially from female artists focus on heartbreak, or bashing the guy that broke their heart.

Take a look at Taylor Swift and even Carrie Underwood’s “Before he cheats” lyrics. They talk about a man that did them wrong; so my question men is, why not reciprocate? Yes. Why not write an album entirely focused on the girl who broke your heart. I bet all those Taylor Swift ex’s have a lot to say about her; we always seem to know the guys shortcomings in the relationship, so its only fair that we get to know where the girl went wrong as well.

The power ballad single, “Set fire to the rain” off the album “21” shows the contradictory aspects of a relationship. The lyrics include, “But there’s a side to you, that i never knew, never knew.” I am sure there’s a equally a side to the female in the relationship that the man didn’t know as well. Jenniffer Nettles wrote her hit song, “stay” from the perspective of the other woman in a relationship; you know the one that ruins the relationship, so why can’t the male write one from their relationship? Seriously, take Joe Jonas for example, Taylor Swift’s song “Forever and always” was about him, so why can’t Joe write a song about T-Swift and the parts she played in their failed relationship? I know it sounds like i hate female artists, but i don’t. I just dislike when they whine over and over about their failed relationships. The guys need to step up and take a stand and bring an end to the one sided-breakup stories. Seriously!

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