Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is the time of year when people prepare to gather for big feasts and give thanks. What a wonderful time of the year! So my question is how many of you make it your business to give thanks on this holiday but run short on all the other 364 days out the year?

Do yourself a favor and give thanks more often. That goes for the poor, rich, black, white, short, tall and so on. It doesn’t matter your social status, job, housing situation, life situation or anything else you may think will stop you from being thankful. Everyone go through trials and tribulations in life which will have a different outcome for each of us. Don’t just think because you have been hurt for whatever reason that the world should revolve around you.

Stop worrying about the things that are unnecessary in life and be thankful.

Give thanks to the almighty God all day everyday first and foremost. If you know God, be thankful. Be thankful to be you. Be thankful to be living. Be thankful to have a place to lay your head at night. There are others that would be honored to be in your situation.

Be thankful to have friends and family. Be thankful to breathe another breath of life. Be thankful to be free. If you are not free then the first step is to “find peace of mind.” (Lauryn Hill)

Be thankful for your mother and father. If you are single, be thankful. Married couple should be thankful for each other. Be thankful for your living shelter. Be thankful for the clothes and shoes on you. There is someone that is not as fortunate as you.

Be thankful if you are stress-free. Be thankful to be alive in this day and age. Be thankful for your car, cell phone, fast-food, free water in some places and other great technology to help us connect to the world.

Be thankful to be different. Be thankful if you don’t have anyone lying to you all the time. Be thankful if you are living life to the fullest. Be thankful if you are a leader and not a follower. In my opinion, each of us has a purpose in life. Therefore everyone may not be made to be a leader.

Be thankful if you consider yourself blessed. Just a friendly reminder, you are BLESSED!

Be thankful for the knowledge you have. We learn something new everyday. Be thankful that you can see, hear, feel, taste & most of all LOVE. Be thankful that you have grown wiser by going through trials and tribulations in life.

What is your definition of being thankful?

Diva’s Up! Hata’s Down! Remember to always Live life to the fullest! You only have one chance.

Catrina Williams


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