Recap: Braxton Family Values Season Two Premiere

Braxton Family Values season two aired on Nov. 10. The members of this clan are enjoying their newfound fame. Yet, old challenges are ever present. The latter, of course, made for an interesting first episode. Here’s a recap of what’s going on with the sisters.

Toni is back with her ex. Baby sister Tamar spotted him, Keirston Lewis, leaving the driveway of her new L.A. home. After a bit of heckling and teasing, the most high profile of the sisters admitted to ‘dating’ her baby daddy again. Her man drought is officially over. Towanda is still homeless. Remember how she was living with Toni by the end of season one? Well, the ex-assistant turned thespian still can’t get her act together. She, Andre, and their kids are now residing in Trina’s home and putting the “f” back in freeloading. On a positive note, Towanda is getting recognized in public, which she believes may lead to acting gigs. Trina’s marriage is on the rocks. Gabe is upset that Towanda and her family have moved in, especially since he was never consulted about the matter. Besides being noisy, they don’t contribute to the household funds. After Andre uses his chocolate milk to douse a bowl of cereal, Gabe goes to Trina’s job. On the way there, a second beef is revealed; he thinks she (Trina) may be involved with a band member. Trina stops rehearsing with her band – which by the way she is writing original songs for now – and sends Gabe away. They both meet with Dr. Sherry Blake later who convinces Trina that Gabe is right. As a result, they ask Towanda and Andre to lunch and break the news. Traci wants to cut a record. You know how some people can’t see the forest for the trees? The most bama of the sisters refuses to accept that the Braxton Family record is on the shelf. She finds out for sure after visiting Toni with Mommy in L.A. Toni tells Traci how Tamar is working on her own (music) project, which is a ‘conflict of interest’ with the one set for their family record. Traci and Mommy are visibly upset. They – Traci, Mommy, and Toni – confront Tamar when she comes for a visit a few scenes later and a big argument ensues. Tamar is so angry; she storms out of Toni’s house. Tamar is wallowing in stardom. She has finally signed her music contract and players in the entertainment industry are calling her. She’s being asked to do a variety of gigs including guest appearances and acting. Unfortunately, all of this attention appears to be going to her head. Husband Vince reminds her to thank God and be grateful. Yet, she doesn’t quite get the message. Mommy pays her a visit after the fight at Toni’s house. She makes it very clear that Tamar needs to respect others – especially her. Mommy promises to ‘slap the piss’ out of her if she disrespects her again. Tamar is hurt by this conversation. She asks Vince for help. He explains that her way of communicating is not always understood by others including her family. He recommends she talk to Mommy and settle the issue.

As you can tell, Braxton Family Values season two is going to be an exciting one. Be sure to watch these ladies every Thursday on Bravo. They are sure to provide viewers with must-see TV.

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