Recap: Reagan and Chris Plans Baby Amy’s First Birthday Party on ‘Up All Night’

Baby Amy turns one year old and parents, Chris and Reagan, plan on having a simple celebration. The plan was to invite a few of her playmates from the park, her baby group and a few close friends. Then neighbors, Terry and Gene talk Chris into turning the party into a joint party for their son, Roger and Amy. Yes, their babies were born on the same day.

Chris and Reagan always found these neighbors to be slightly annoying. It was Regan who could usually get them out of doing things with them. In fact, Reagan came to conclusion that she was the one, who was always saying no. She was always the one who had to play the bad guy, while Chris got to sit back and enjoy playing the part of the cool husband. Realizing this point, she decided it was time for Chris to start saying no. The problem was that he didn’t know how to do it. This was the reason why they ended up hosting the joint the party.

The joint party turned into a big party. Gene and Terry had a big and annoying family. They had one grandfather, who fell asleep with this feet propped up on their coffee table mere inches from the cheese platter they were serving their guest. Another guest was using their washer and dryer, without asking. Other family members were watching Chris’s television set. While all of this was going on, Reagan sat back and had fun playing games with the kids.

Chris began to realize that he wasn’t as cool as he thought he was. Things did bug him. Normally, Reagan would fix those things before they became bigger and before they became huge problems. Reagan also realized just how bad Chris was at saying no when she realized that her friend, Ava, thought she Amy’s Godmother.

When Amy was born Reagan and Chris asked his sister and her husband to be Godparents. Yet, unbeknownst to Reagan, Ava asked Chris if she was the baby’s Godmother. Chris said yes, of course she was. He assumed that Reagan would fix his mistake sometime in the future. Now was the future and Reagan wasn’t in the fix it mood. Yet, when Ava heard a message through an electronic card that Chris’s sister sent to Amy, where she called herself Amy’s Godmother, both of the Brinkley’s realized it was time to set aside their agendas and time to talk to their friend.

They told Ava that yes Chris’s sister was Amy’s Godmother. Yet, she lived across the country. She hardly ever sees Amy. She is Amy’s special Auntie Eva. She babysits for her all the time. She sees her all the time. She was special in her life. Ava was once again, happy.

All was right in the world of “Up All Night.” “Up All Night” airs every Thursday night on NBC at 9:30 pm, ET.

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