Recipe Napkins, Pillows, and More

Wow, technology is up, up, and away, isn’t it? It’s all I can do to keep up with it all. Every new computer, each new device, every new program that is put on the market just offers us thousands of more options for contacting people, reading, doing artwork, creating pictures and, yes, doing crafts. Today’s programs and materials for the technological age has catapulted crafters into a world of endless possibilities. Who would think, for example, that you could turn a measly recipe card into a set of accessories for your kitchen? It’s true. You’ll easily be able to create recipe napkins, pillows for a kitchen booth, and other accessories that you’ll love.

Old recipes which have yellowed and sport stains on them are perfect for making vintage-look cloth napkins, pillows, and more. However, if you prefer, you can print brand new recipes by copying the ingredients and instructions from an old recipe card.

Recipe cards can vary in size but you can use any size recipe and any size cloth. Simply adjust the size on your computer then print it out onto an iron-on transfer. You’ll find that transfer paper at places which sell office supplies.

Follow the instructions and recommendations on the package of iron-on transfers to transfer the images from the paper to the fabric. Basically, you’ll place the transfer paper face-down on the napkin or other cloth and iron it. Peel away the paper and the image is on the fabric.

To make a pillow, transfer the recipe image to the piece of fabric which will be the front of the pillow. After the image is transferred you can then sew up the pillow and stuff it.

The iron-on transfer works to make recipe curtains, kitchen pennants, and even place mats. Besides iron-on transfers you can also print recipes onto sticker paper. Use them to make recipe canisters, refrigerator magnets, and jar candles.

Using the recipe cards themselves – or copies – you can actually decorate the kitchen. Make a chair rail design by gluing the cards, horizontally, around the middle of the room. Use decoupage adhesive and, after they’re all in place, coat the entire thing with the adhesive.

Recipes are so unique and are perfect as a theme for a kitchen. You’ll enjoy making recipe napkins, booth pillows, and other accessories for your kitchen and you’ll love the way they all come together to create a fun theme that’s also one-of-a-kind.
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