Recycled Metal Bottle Cap Picture Frame Ideas

Recycle metal bottle caps into functional picture frames. These cute miniature craft items make ideal gifts, gift adornments, magnets for the fridge, locker or magnet boards and key chain adornments. Allow 10 minutes to make each picture frame.

Miniature pictures are required for this project. Prior to starting the project, sort through old photographs or reduce a photo on the computer with a photo manipulation program such as Photoshop.

Things You’ll Need:

Miniature photographs
Metal bottle caps
Sharp pointed Scissors
Craft knife
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Magnet strip or round magnets
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Finishing nail


Step 1 – Place the miniature photographs on a flat work surface.

Step 2 – Turn the bottle caps over so the scalloped edge is on the bottom. Center the bottle cap over the desired photo. Carefully draw around the scalloped edge of the bottle cap.

Step 3 – Remove the bottle cap and cut just inside the scalloped line. The edge of the photo will be smooth and circular.

Step 4 – Press the photo inside the bottle cap. Trim the edges of the photograph with a craft knife until it fits inside the bottle cap as desired.

Step 5 – Brush a coat of Mod Podge over the surface of the photo. The Mod Podge will appear milky but will dry clear.

Step 6 (Finishing) – For a magnet, turn the bottle cap over. Hot glue a magnet to the back of the bottle cap. For a package or keychain adornment, place the bottle cap on a piece of scrap lumber. Turn the bottle cap so the picture is facing you. Position a finishing nail in the top center of the picture. Hammer the nail through the bottle cap. Use a larger nail to create a keychain adornment. The nail should be the same diameter as the keychain ring. String the bottle cap on a piece of fishing line and attach it to the ribbon on a package.

An alternative to making individual bottle cap picture frames is hot gluing the bottle caps around the edge of a picture frame. Turn the bottle caps so the writing is on top. This adds color to the frame.

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