Reef R’ Madness Tanning Lotion. It is Truly Madness, and I Mean That in a Good Way

Australian Gold is a wonderful tanning lotion brand that has been around for more than 20 years. Despite its seniority in the tanning industry, it is a company that improves its products year after year. In 2011, we had the opportunity to meet Reef R’ Madness for the first time. It is a tanning lotion that emphasizes repairing the skin as it creates an intense tan.


This lotion is a naturally dark tanning blend infused with DHA, which works to create color that is not only dark and vibrant, but instant too. The bronzing blend included in this tanning lotion product is fantastic.

This fantastic tanning lotion by Australian Gold is fortified with Hemp Seed Oil, as well as vitamins and aloe. These types of ingredients are very great for the skin, creating an incredible hydration that is not only immediate but long-lasting. It also works to repair skin and help maintain skin’s natural health.

What I love about Reef R’ Madness by Australian Gold is the fact that it has real algae from the land down under that works as a natural way of enhancing your tan.

This tanning lotion works for both indoor and outdoor tanning. If you are searching for a tanning lotion that you can use in the bed or on the beach, this is the perfect one.

Is smell important? I think so. The fragrance included in this product is “Awesome Reef R’ Madness” fragrance. It’s acquired but reminds me of a combination of fruity scents and floral scents. The overtones and accents are relatively clean.


If you are searching for a tanning lotion that does not include bronzers, you will not find Reef R’ Madness to be good at all.

If you are leaning toward more of a floral or clean scent, as well as a musk, you may not find the smell of this tanning lotion good, and therefore, would not like Reef R’ Madness by Australian Gold.

RATING88 percent

Reefer R’ Madness by Australian Gold can be purchased at your local tanning salon or wherever Australian Gold products are sold. Prices vary depending on size. A full size usually starts at $42 retail, but you can purchase it on some websites for as low as $21.95. This is a salon product, so you cannot purchase it in a regular department or drug store. Would I use this tanning lotion product again? Yes, I would. I was modestly impressed with this tanning lotion product. Would I recommend Reefer R’ Madness by Australian Gold to a friend? Most definitely, but only to those looking to use a tanning lotion that does not have bronzers or are looking for an accessible, yet extremely versatile tanning product that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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