Reflection Tree

Blue clear water,

Leaves falling down,

Tree being reflected,

As I stand there looking,

Thinking upon many things,

In the depth of my life,

Its fall again,

The change of the season,

That leads to colder nights,

Colder days,

Rainy moments,

Clear water,

Reflected tree,

I stand it in its presence,

Stand there in awe,

Watching as nature reacts,

To the changing time,

It is like the tree,

Reflecting on the past,

Preparing for the future,

Hoping for today,

Calm blue clear water,

The tree sees itself,

Strong and tall,

Young and not weak,

Losing the leaves,

For another fall,

Knowing this is nature’s way,

It reflects to the growing times,

It reflects to the path it must take,

As the leaves fall one by one,

Down to the water,

And the tree because bear,

But it is only temporary,

Because life is always changing,

Seasons flow from one to the next,

Minutes to us,

Seem like nothing to them,

All they know is the reflection,

As it stands,

Or sways,

In the water below,


Or difficult to see,

This tree will still stand,

And reflect upon things,

We might not always understand,

And the wisdom of peace,

That it understands,

All we can do is sit,

Watch it on from afar,

Watch the water,

As the leaves fall,

And reflect within ourselves,

Are we like the tree,



And tall?

Or are we drifting,

Drifting in this life?

This question we must answer,

We must search ourselves for,

And then leave the tree,

And the reflection,

And walk toward our path,

That we have chosen.

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