Reflective Erection

Two become one, shapes and shadows
More than our bodies, knocked down Dial
This is so public, everyone knows
Is this a sin, why do we smile?
It doesn’t matter, lost in love so
How we’re reflected, a mile worth of tile

Isn’t this fun, the drips and the drops
Two of us doing, what Cupid’s orders
Here and now, you’re so damn hot
Who’s your daddy, you’re not my daughter
Loving you… how can I stop
The look of our bodies, reflected in water

Backwards and forwards, right and left
Lovers are longing; love is too fast
Heaving and huffing, catching our breath
Making love… getting some ass
It’s not over, no not yet
The two of us reflected in glass

A look to the door, just me and you
Seeing each other, we can’t deny
These feelings inside and what we do
Making love, sometimes outside
We look at ourselves we both know the truth
Love is reflected, in our eyes

A love we shouldn’t have to hide
On the inside, wherever we are
Should be restricted, should love be denied?
For we couldn’t wait to be in the dark
I am yours and you are mine
This is the time, inside our hearts

Let love be seen, in voyeurs reflected
Lust and love, Cupid’s direction
Freaky, perverted, call it eclectic
Passion, desire, love, and affection
How bad I want to see you naked
To see in your eyes my reflective erection

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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