Regard the Turtle, Discard the Tension

Feeling tension? Is it going out of control? Don’t worry, here is the time tested solution prescribed by the wise ones. Not only you, but every creature on the earth is bound to face hardship, because it is a tool of survival. The more we are tested the stronger we become. But the question arises how many of us withstand it, without feeling the heat or sometime the burn of the heavenly command.

If you are in peril right now, thank god, He is preparing you for a big role to be given to you. Not only you, but thousands of people might be experiencing the same type of heartbreaking episodes; for almighty keeps option, He knows that some will crumble, some perish and some survive. Now it is upon us to decide as to what category we want to belong to. Here the choice is ours not His.

What happens when we purchase a mundane pitcher? Don’t we test it by thumping? We do. Here is a pitcher, which hardly affects our flow of life; but even then we test it. Simply to see if it could hold water properly, does it leak? The moral of the example is our capacity decides our responsibility. A goat can’t be entrusted with a task that an elephant with. Very simple, yet complicated. Likewise we are thumped by the nature.

But despite all the philosophy our immediate peace of mind is our primary concern. This is a different story how people of some other make up survive every thing come what may, but that kind of toughness of mind doesn’t grow in a day or two. The right kind of conditioning of mind is a must for cultivation of such traits and attitude.

It is like working out in a gym; we are to withstand the pain of push ups and pull ups unless we get a six pack abs. Otherwise the easy option of backing out is always available. But there is a rider, when we decide something the control of execution remains in our hand, it is not so then when He decides something big for us, He doesn’t give the control to us, but simply keeps with Him.

A few years of my early childhood, I spent at my village; but I observed a lot in that short span of time. There was a river flowing alongside the village. And a river be it long or short invariably leaves its image on the flora and fauna of the area it is passing through. Fishing was a habit of several of my friends. In course of catching fish, seldom they would catch a turtle instead, and take it in the open. As soon as the creature knew the threat of being caught, it contracted it limbs like a plane pulling its wheels. No matter how hard we hammered with hard sticks, the turtle hardly showed it’s any limb. Ultimately my friends would become irritated and somewhat bored and would throw the creature in the river. And how amazing it was, as soon as it knew that the threat was over, it expanded like an eagle in water.

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