Registering to Vote in Pennsylvania

According to a recent study conducted by Penn State University, approximately one-third of all Americans are not registered to vote. It’s a staggering number given that figure is representative of over 100 million citizens.

Generally, there are four methods of registering to vote in Pennsylvania:

Apply in person:

Perhaps the easiest way to register to vote in Pa. is by visiting a County Voter Registration Office. The office can be easily located by going online to and entering your home county. This will access the address to the registration office and provide a link for the county voting website.

Register by Mail:

Download this link to access the voter registration application. Simply print, supply the requested voter information, and mail to one of the supplied listings of registration offices.


All PennDOT Department of Motor Vehicle centers are capable of registering qualified candidates to vote. This may not be convenient if your license or registration isn’t set to expire between now and the general election, yet it is a viable option.

Government Agencies:

In addition to PennDOT, other government offices can assist you in registering. They include all Armed Forces Recruitment Centers, Offices of Special Education, Marriage License Bureaus, among others.

Finally, it is important to note the deadlines for registering. In all municipalities in Pa., the deadline to register is 30 days prior to an election. Whether it is by mail or through any of the other various methods, to become a Pennsylvania voter your application must be received before the deadline.


Robert Watkins is former investment professional and partner. He lives with his family in Glen Mills, Pa., and is a frequent contributor to Yahoo! News

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