When I sit back and think about times that have passed

I wonder if any of it really matters at all

Can a single event shape a person’s life?

Or is God the one who makes the call

Over and over I think about the one I’ve lost

What he thought about in prison

And if he ever lost hope in us all

Lenny was a beautiful person and a loving brother

I will never find someone like him

He was his own person and had no fear

I sit here wondering about him

As I do quite often

I ask questions that will never be answered

I continue to live my life and yet he does not

Is there someone or thing to blame for his departure

Or was it his time to go?

He was a person of great statutes and self respect

No one ever disrespected him

Unless they were the unknowing

Place your hand in mine oh loving child and I will lead you to the Promised Land

Don’t ever let go because were you fall no one knows

You may land in a dark fire into burning flames in the depths of hell

Fly with me oh child of God

Make life seem more complex and odd

With this knowledge of right and wrong

You’ll always know what to do and what is right

Take flight into the night of the holy one

Don’t turn back but only for he

Enter the kingdom with total assurance that you’ll be free

Ride the beast to its hole and depart from it

Massive fire will reign from above and incinerate the unholy beast

Care not of others who have sinned but for those who want to be saved by him

People will flock to the light of God

But he will shun them like they done him

Open your eyes to the resurrection of the Lord almighty

Stand not in his presence but kneel to his might

Last longer than the betrayers and go with him to the ancient land of greatness

Forget not he but remember the blood that fell upon this earth for you

Take time to preach to the frightened and reassure them of his coming

Days are short and coming to an end

Pack your heart and soul and ride the peace and harmony to another place

Why not try to break the silence in a room full of tension?

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