Republicans: Stop Acting like 7-Year-Olds, Take Action on Jobs

COMMENTARY | Will you allow politics to prevent economic relief for you and your fellow Americans?

President Barack Obama Wednesday unveiled his plan to help workers and businesses, with an eye on stimulating the economy. Even before he spoke, Republicans dismissed the plan, with Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., saying “Frankly, I am so tired of his speeches it’s going to be hard for me to watch,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

Clearly the feeling against the president from Republicans is personal. With the blindness of entitlement and power-grasping, they allow their animosity to destroy what could prove a lifeline to the American people, rejecting, without thought, a solid, grounded plan.

Like petulant school children, the Republicans refuse to do anything that the president supports. Anything at all. They will even go against the needs of their own constituents, the people who put them in office, the very people to be helped by the package, all in an effort to “defy” Obama.

I’ve got news for you, Republicans: You’re not defying the president. You’re defying the interests of the American people.

Though Republicans previously supported concepts within the plan, now in a fit of second-grade maturity, they react as though those ideas have the president’s “cooties” on them. Circle, circle, dot, dot up, Republicans. It’s time to go to the big-kid playground.

As Obama pointed out in his speech, the general election is still 14 months away. This legislation addresses some key issues, including the increasing untouchability of workers unemployed for more than six months. The package includes a similar incentive to hire returning veterans. It lowers the FICA tax, saving a family up to $1,500 per year and reducing the rate for employers as well, a departure from the Social Security rate reduction Republicans have vowed not to renew.

We see what you’re doing, GOP. You think stonewalling progress on the most serious issues of this country makes the president look bad. You can get rid of him, and all will be right in the land.

Except it won’t be. There will still be staggering unemployment, made worse by your failure to act. There will still be people in this country, the country supposed to be the best in the world, dying from lack of access to health care. Small businesses will start, sputter, and die out because the break that could have nurtured them to maturity was refused because you dislike the guy who suggested it.

Enough with the gamesmanship, Republicans. Enough. Remember the people elected you to serve the interests of this country, not your own, whether those include dewy-eyed visions of sitting in the Oval Office or “besting” the leader of the free world.

You are there to make this country work for its citizens, not to position yourself come election time.

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