Repurposed T-shirt Necklace Instructions

Repurpose old T-shirts into an unusual one-of-a-kind necklace. Add a bit of color around your neck with stretchable and machine washable necklaces. A total of 15, 1-inch strips are required for each necklace. Two to three T-shirts of various colors are needed for each necklace.

Things You’ll Need:

Old T-shirts


Step 1 – Place the T-shirt on a flat work surface and smooth out all wrinkles. Cut the hem from the bottom of each T-shirt.

Step 2 – Cut 15, 1-inch strips for each necklace.

Step 3 – Pull each strip as far apart as you can. The pulling motion will cause the T-shirt fabric to roll.

Step 4 – Stack the 15 stretched pieces of T-shirt fabric matching the seams.

Step 5 – Pick up the stack by the seams. Twist the layers one to three times.

Step 6 – Tie the grouping of strips to secure.

Tip: Wrap the knot with a separate strip of T-shirt material to flatten. Tuck the ends of the wrap into itself to hide.

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