Researching Target Employers to Enhance Your Executive Resume

Competing for jobs at the executive level can be challenging. As with any other level within the job market, there are many qualified candidates applying for positions every day, which means it’s up to you to find the edge you need to score an interview-and hopefully the job.

One way to make hiring managers notice your resume is to personalize it, meaning you target every aspect of the company you’re applying to. Of course, in order to do so, you’ll need to conduct research on companies you’re targeting for employment. Here are some ways you can get this done:

Create a Target List

A great first step in researching companies to which you are interested in applying is to create a target list. This list can help you organize the companies you would like to work for while allowing you to search for background details that will give you the information you need to create a great resume.

In creating and organizing your list, it’s a good idea to include the following categories: company name, overview and history, products and services offered, historical financial information, competitors, challenges they’re facing, details regarding corporate culture, primary company leaders and key decision makers, industry trends, and links to recent press information and news articles.

How This Research Helps You

As you already know, you need to obtain every possible advantage when applying for a job. Researching each company thoroughly gives you the edge you need. It allows you to zero in on your ROI value in your resume by focusing very specifically on what the company needs and how you can meet those needs based upon your previous experience.

By taking time to explore the company’s challenges, its current and prospective impact on your industry, the competition it is trying to beat, the nature of its culture, how it’s meeting its mission and so on, you have the opportunity to dig into the depths of the company’s needs to help push it in new and exciting directions.

Many applicants spend time reading over a company’s job posting but ask no further questions about what the company stands for, how it has managed its success to date, and what will help its continued success in the future. This is why it’s important for you to take this step to not only enhance your resume but also to help you genuinely develop a personal goal to make the company better.

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