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No-one understood why they fell out. Did they argue about politics? Or about the route of the bike trip across North Africa there were planning? One thing was clear: Charlie and Eva were no longer together. No-one knew much about their feelings, either. Eva concentrated on her studies, and Charlie took his bike and flew to Argentina. He cycled around South America for five months. He saw mountains, deserts and tropical forests. He saw Iguazu Falls, a huge, roading curtain of water surrounded by green jungle.

He came back one Saturday morning in September. As he cycled home, he realised he just had to tell Eva about his trip. Even though he was so tired from the journey, he simply couldn’t stop himself. He turned into the street where she lived and nearly fell off his bike. There was a large car in front of Eva’s house, a car decorated with flowers, white ribbons and balloons. Charlie knew that car. It belonged to Jeremy, a guy he couldn’t stand. ‘No,’ said Charlie to himself, ‘please, no.’

At that moment the door opened and Eva rushed out, wearing a white dress, her long hair blowing in the wind, as beautiful as the Iguazu Falls. She saw Charlie and a smile lit up her face. ‘Charlie! Thank God you are here! What a mess! No one’s remembered to pick up the wedding cake from the restaurant. Will you come with me and help me? I’d no what a nightmare organising a wedding is.’ Charlie stood there, unable to say a word.

‘Why are you staring like that, Charlie? My sister Julia is marrying that idiot Jeremy. Can you believe it? Oh, it’s so good to see you. It’s been such a long time.’ And two arms in white silk closed around Charlie’s dirty neck.

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