Restaurant Review of CBS Scene at Patriot Place

Earlier this week, on Thursday, I dined at the CBS Scene Restaurant and Bar, at Patriot Place in Foxborough, Massachusetts. This restaurant, of all the restaurants that I have been to this year, was one of my favorites.

For those of you who have never dined at the CBS Scene, in Foxborough, before, I would highly recommend it. The restaurant has a very relaxed décor and there are several upon several televisions to watch, all near tables or bar stools. The food is also great and typical of what you may order at a local restaurant and bar. On Thursday night, I ordered a delicious pepperoni pizza, which was smaller than I hoped but still filling. I asked the waitress how large the pizza was and she replied that it was approximately ten inches. The price of the pizza was $11.25.

Along with ordering pizza, patrons of the restaurant can also order from an extensive menu. Some of the finest dishes, according to the waitress, are coconut crusted shrimp, fried calamari, and there are several sandwiches that are equally appetizing. There’s a large seafood and hearth oven pizza section of the menu.

Since CBS Scene also has a bar, a very large bar that allows customers to watch several televisions at once, I would recommend sitting at the bar if you have a large party or desire to fraternize with others. When I dined at the restaurant, earlier this week, I ordered a Harpoon IPA 22 OZ drink and a root beer float, with root beer vodka. Both were great tasting, and, if you want to drink something with a lot of flavor, go with the alcoholic root beer float. However, if you desire something less expensive, ask for the Harpoon. The Harpoon IPA was $6.25, while the root beer float cost $12.00.

In total, my bill for the evening came to $31.57, without tip. Overall, I had a great dining experience. I enjoyed the ability of watching many televisions at once, along with my personal television at my table, and I enjoyed the pizza and drinks.

I would recommend CBS Scene at Patriot Place to anyone who is interested in having an enjoyable dining experience. Because the restaurant is located within a few hundred feet from the stadium, I would recommend arriving at least two hours early before the Patriots play. You may also reserve a table, and this is a great idea for game day.


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