Retire in Mexico

As more and more Americans are facing retirement crisis at home. They are pondering making the move and retiring in Mexico.

All the signs are pointing to the real loss of the American Retirement.

With leading Presidential Candidate Rick Perry calling Social Security unconstitutional, to the Capps Law snuck into Obama’s Healthcare and Financial Recovery bills Americans are facing more and more laws that limit HOW they can retire.

No worries, the fed will cover me. Nope they don’t have the money. On top of that 44 States are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

The Last Time This Happened…

Between 1929 and 1937, 4,700 defaults ravaged the municipal bond market.

What happened next?

Local and Federal government made a mad dash for revenue!

22 states introduced their first-ever sales tax…

30 states levied an income tax…

And… our nation’s leaders decided to QUADRUPLE the Federal Income Tax… almost overnight.

Today, 44 state governors and legislatures find themselves in the SAME predicament.

But we’re living in a far different era: The average American’s tax burden is 10-20x higher than it was in the 1930s. And the least productive among us… numbering in the tens of millions… have grown dependent on government handouts… from food stamps, to welfare, to health care.

Bottom line:

State governments can’t raise taxes much higher… without casting us into the Great Depression, Part II.

And they can’t cut entitlement programs, or they’ll kiss their political careers goodbye.

The only answer that will keep them in office… keep the peace… and prevent a complete collapse of thousands of towns and cities is… a massive, coordinated bailout from the Federal Government. Bigger than EVERY previous bailout, combined!

It’s not pretty, I know. But their actions over the next several months could make you rich.

This Vicious Cycle Has Already Begun!

Imagine a world of $10 gasoline… $15 hamburgers and heating bills of $1,000 a month or more.

I assure you, this day is coming, sooner than you think. And this wave of inflation will wreak havoc on the so-called “safe” bond market.

As the Great State Meltdown hits the point of no return, the dollar will plunge… interest rates will soar… and the price of everything you depend on, from fuel to food will skyrocket.

The government will print billions (perhaps trillions) of dollars to bail out failing states and cities and set us on a perilous path… that will result in the complete destruction of the dollar.

As Jim Rogers of the famous Quantum Fund warned, we are facing an “inflation holocaust.”

It’s an unstoppable, vicious cycle:

A weaker dollar forces our nation’s creditors to demand higher interest rates…
Higher interest rates crush the price of bonds, from Corporates to Treasuries to Munis…
And… twist the arm of every debt-ridden state in the union.
Each month, the bills pile up higher… while tax revenue plunges lower and lower.

The result is inevitable… a coast-to-coast disaster of epic proportions.

This will make your retirement non-existent. If you don’t get out now. Dump the dollar. Reset in a stable economy before it’s too late….

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