Revealing How Our Congressmen and Senators Get Rich Quick

Want to get rich quick? Really quick? There is no better way than getting elected to public office talking about the need for social justice and campaigning against marketplace greed. Forced altruism is all the rage when it comes to political election rhetoric. That is just a front to get elected. Altruism is fine and well when it is real , heart felt and something done with selfless determination but that is not where Marxist principles of socialism and communism leads society in practical terms. We live in a world where public service is self service once a line of power and control is assumed even by some of the most idealistic people. It is not money that corrupts but power that corrupts. Money is always just a medium of exchange with elastic value. Getting elected to higher office or assuming it by other means can quickly make the need to gain money by ordinary means exceptionally unnecessary. There is little difference in any country on the face of the planet in regards to abuse of power. Another proverb goes that he who has the gold makes the rule. History says otherwise. Not just fools with gold can easily be separated from his gold by political and military means. Robust political power can separate anyone from any possessions. He who has the means to take the gold is a more accurate understanding of world political history. It hardly takes very many examples to show the truth in that. War , Conquest and taking spoils of war including slaves has been the mainstay of most of human civilization since the beginning.

The United States of America was founded on principles that separated powers so that a congress funds the armed forces and police state but the congress has to fund it with permission from the judiciary required if held to be necessary by the highest court. That was the ultimate revolution in history meant to put a stop to tyranny of millennia. It was meant to prevent what did go wrong in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and old world Europe. From the beginning of The United States there was central power but it was to be limited by representation and not anyway absolute like the ancient monarchies and emperors of Europe. Central power loves central power and it stratifies everything it can with centripetal force with an eye to consolidating power at the center. Face the music of political sociology. The powerful political people have a tendency to make rules that apply to everyone else but to themselves. The US congress , the US Supreme Court , and The Presidency all tend to have that exact same attitude. You make health care laws for everyone else and exempt your self. You make insider trading laws and exempt your selves. You make rules for ethical behavior and you exempt yourself. It is not hypocrisy it is power—raw power. That we now know is how our Senators and Congressmen are going from rags to riches almost instantly never having another job than the one they always tell us is based on pure selfless public service.

While financiers are treated as extreme white collar criminals getting upward of 20 and 30 years in prison from farming information that might be constructed by regulators to be unfair inside information apparently it is perfectly legal for our senators and representatives to do just that. Yes the exact same ones who were telling us all about our social responsibility to each others and ranting against greed. It is even worse than that. We are discovering that congressmen and senators who ordinarily just use potential legislation for extortion leverage against powerful business interests by raising funds from the same business interests as a good old fashioned protection racket are doing that and trading on the foreknowledge of the bills they will be voting on that affect a multitude of financial and business interests. So when a senator like Ron Wyden is shaming some big oil company for not being compatible with green dreams of the environmental lobby and often raising funds for his political campaign war chest from the very same companies, Ron Wyden is able to go to a broker on wall street and tell them to short or buy shares of those same big oil companies to take advantage of what he can easily anticipate prices will do the moment after the announcement about what congress and the senate will be doing is made public or leaked to the press. It is easy money. Congressmen and senators are used to this free slush funding advantage they have and don’t want to lose it according to recent reports that came from an ex-k street lobbyist who spent a while in prison for influence peddling that is not legal for mere mortals who are not elected. So now we find out that our congressmen and senators can play the legislation protection racket game at the same time they can insider trade the consequences in the open markets and no regulator is going to be watching them because congress has made sure that they remain exempt. So say you get elected to office and congress puts you on a subcommittee overseeing defence spending , financial regulation and a subcommittee on social justice, you can buy defence contractors weeks or months ahead of giving them a lucrative multi billion dollar order for new jet planes at the same time you are collecting campaign contributions from the same companies involved and their unfortunate competition that won’t have the awarded contracts. So as a senator you can also short sell the shares of the company that is not going to get the contract and there is no law against it. You will do that kind of thing all the time because your voting constituents love you. The on the committee for financial regulations you can short the shares of big banks just a day before congress announces it will have the votes to pass a new law that subject those same big banks to an in depth regulatory invasion and investigation with criminal implications that is sure to have the shares falling much more than anyone would otherwise expect even insiders. At the same time you have been taking money from the same banks saying you are there to protect them but you still know your vote in their favor won’t do them much of any good. Your information is worth more than gold in the open market and there will be no sec investigation even when they monitor your hefty trades that would put another person on wall street in jail. Trading on your account your broker can get rich but trading on his own he could go to jail for 30 years or more. Then when it comes to the sub committee on social justice you can be working on a reparations and redistribution bill knowing well which industry you are planning with the rest of congress to nationalize and pay ten cents on the dollar for the government right to own those productive assets. Then you still have been taking campaign contributions in your protection racket from the same same exact companies. Once nationalized you might get lucky and get to place your good old buddies and friends in the nationalized company board of directors or as managers and later get kick backs and even a job should you ever lose your job in Washington DC or Salem Oregon. It is happening and it is ugly. Unfortunately it all seems a little bit too complicated for a lot of voters to understand especially when they are led to believe they are somehow getting a cut in benefits provided with the government borrowing the money out of thin air to pay for those benefits European style.

The game is rigged. It is legal, honest probably immoral and definitely unethical. Unfortunately the same people who make the rules and laws for the nation happen to make the rules and laws about what is and is not ethical for members of congress and other offices of government. It pays to be an attorney writing laws with appropriate loopholes that exempt the right people who need to get ahead at any cost and by any means necessary to profit. Recently the MF Global corporation imploded an an ex politician senator and governor of New Jersey was responsible for the complete destruction of the company and possible illegal loss of independent investors money which is completely illegal Maybe the politicians are forgetting they are no longer in office when they make mistakes like that. It would be perfectly legal for that same person to spend money created out of thin air to have government do anything silly it wanted it to do but it can not be done in the private sector unless it happens that your private company is putting government officials in high offices to enable your companies abusive business practices. Then you start getting to grey areas of the law and you find that senators can call off regulator dogs for the better friends but usually won’t do it for strangers. Congressmen have voted themselves benefits that exceed benefits that monarchs used to have in some cases. The game has not changed much since monarchs with the abuse of power becoming the primary means of attaining unequal benefits. When you read a story about absolute corruption or a Ponzi scheme where regulators are looking the other way including that of Bernie Madoff you later find out that Madoff was chummy with regulators, It is always the people in power who are in control of situations that concern bribes and not the private sector.

Congress has immense powers that go beyond just extortion by campaign financing and insider trading they also provide loopholes in the law that allow them to raise money for campaigns and to be allowed to keep much of it as income when it has not been spent in a campaign. Politicians are running for president and congress just to raise money they will never spend on the campaigns. At least they have to report it and pay income taxes on it. Voter citizens have to be vigilant. They can’t expect the media to expose this sort of thing because the media knows how to get its cut and how to play the game as if it is business as usual. The best media outlets are always fearing what congress can do to their businesses and they have to pay up with the rest of the campaign funding corporate protection racket schemes and when it comes to benefits media outlets get direct advertising payments to air campaign adverting in all media. It is lucrative in an election when you can report the news and get paid for political advertising.

When occupy Wall street began none of those people were out protesting in front of the big media outlets except maybe Fox TV as if they might be the only players in that game. You did not see the occupation blaming the government either. Instead we all got to see the really greediest uncontrollable people shielded from protests. Add in a little pork with payback and the deal makes successful corporations as bad as they can be just to survive in the green greed environment of power playing government. Citizens need to hold their people in the government responsible if they don’t like extortion, protection rackets, Ponzi schemes and insider trading they should vote these get rich people quick out of government.

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