Review: Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner

I’m not exactly sure why this is, but my wife and I have a hard time keeping our windshields clean. And, this isn’t just a problem on the outside of our cars; it’s just as bad on the inside.

This, of course, is a bit of a nuisance (and probably dangerous) when we can’t see out our windows when driving so we make every effort to clean them whenever possible. However, most products (like Windex) just don’t seem to do the job. This is why we decided to try Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner.

Actually, we purchased this product some time ago. But, as we sometimes do, we ended up taking it out of the bag, put it in a cupboard and forgot about it. I re-discovered it last weekend and, because my windshield was filthy again, gave it a try.

I don’t know if it necessarily impressed me. But, it was definitely better than most products.

By the time I went outside to clean my windshield, it was dirty to the point I couldn’t see anything when the sun hit it. Prior to using this product, I used a different product that was supposed to be designed for car windows but didn’t work at all. The only reason I could see anything was I used some Windex shortly after that.

I didn’t have a problem when it came to using this spray. I applied it to my windshield once (both on the inside and outside) and it cut right through the dirt. There were a few spots I really needed to scrub, but, for the most part, it was pretty much effortless.

The cleaner did streak my windows a little bit. But, it wasn’t nearly as bad as some other brands we’ve tried (I have had some that made the window worse than when I started simply because of the streaks) and certainly not bad enough to complain about.

My only real complaint about this product was the smell. I don’t really know how to describe it exactly, but it is a very strong smell. I had to roll down my windows after using this just to air my car out a bit and, even after that, I could still smell it for a day or two.

Overall though, I do think this was an OK product. As I said before, I didn’t fall in love with it. But, unless I find something better, it is a brand I would buy again.

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