Review: Daily’s Frozen Mojito Cocktail Mixer

As I mentioned once before, I don’t drink alcohol. However, my wife does enjoy the occasional drink and, especially when she’s had a stressful day, I enjoy mixing her one.

A couple days ago, my wife asked me to pick up a bottle of wine for her since I had to run to the store anyway. While I was in the store’s liquor section, I came across something I hadn’t seen before; Daily’s Frozen Cocktail Mixers. They looked interesting and were only $2 so I picked up the Mojito flavored one to try.

As I just mentioned, I like mixing drinks for her. But, my mixed drink recipe selection is usually limited by what we have available in our house (alcoholic beverages aren’t cheap). Plus, to be honest, some of the drinks out there are pretty complicated.

What I liked about this product when I first saw it was, unlike many other drink mixes out there, this already had the alcohol in it. In fact, you didn’t even need to add ice; you just put the pouch in your freezer and, when you are ready to serve it, you just thaw it a little bit and crush the ice inside the pouch.

I had some doubts about this at first because nothing is ever quite as easy as the instructions make it sound so I ended up trying this as soon as possible (so I could take advantage of the sale if my wife liked it). And, I have to say, this was actually pretty easy to make. I had to run the pouch under some warm water for about a minute. But, after doing that and crushing it, I was able to pour the contents into a glass for her and it came out looking almost professionally made.

Since I don’t drink, I can’t personally vouch for the flavor (I tried it, but I honestly don’t have anything to compare it to). But, my wife seemed to like this. She thought it was a little on the strong side but, overall, it was as good as what she could expect to get from a bar and the pouch was more affordable.

Because of this, I do intend on returning to the store and buying a few more pouches like this (I’ll keep them in our big freezer). If you like to drink on occasion and are looking for something different, I recommend looking for these the next time you are in your store’s liquor aisle.

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