Review: Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues

Our daughter had a bit of a cold over the weekend and, as a result, we ran out of facial tissue. I could have sworn we had another box of it (I thought I bought two boxes the last time I went to the store) but, after not being able to find it, I gave in and ran to the store to buy some more.

Fortunately for me, the store had a 5-pack of Kleenex tissue available for just $5 and I picked that up. At the time, I wasn’t really paying attention to the blue box on top of the pack since all the boxes had different colors. However, when I got it home, I discovered it was something new; Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues.

At first, I thought these were like every other facial tissue with aloe/lotion; designed to keep your nose from getting raw when you are using them. And, not thinking they were anything special, I still pretty much ignored the box. That is, until my daughter needed one and opened it. After that, I have to say these really impressed me.

Let me start out by saying my wife and I both agreed that, when it came to these tissues, they really are still designed for people with a stuffy/runny nose that is getting raw and sore and, unless you’ve reached that point, these probably aren’t going to seem like much. But, if you have reached that point, I have to admit these are pretty nice.

First of all, when the box says “cool touch” it means it. I don’t know the exact science behind it but, when you touch one of these, they really do seem cooler. At first, I thought it was just because they were out in my car for a while (in the cold weather). But, they remained that cool even after being in the house for a while. And, as someone who has had a sore nose in the past, that’s something I know I would certainly enjoy feeling if I were sick.

Another thing that impressed me about this product was how soft the tissues were. Maybe they weren’t any softer than any other brand and it was just in my head, but they sure felt like they were softer. Heck, I ended up using one just because of that.

I’m not sure how much these will sell for by themselves. But, if you are sick and have a sore/raw nose, I recommend picking up a box of them and giving them a try.

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