Review: Mr. P’s Combination Crispy Crust Pizza

I had to pick up another gallon of milk after work and going to the gym yesterday evening and, since I was only a short distance from Wal-mart, I decided to pick it up there (despite the fact I can actually get milk cheaper elsewhere).

Since I did stop by the gym, I was going to be getting home later than I normally would and I wasn’t 100 percent sure what our dinner plans were. Because of this, I decided to pick up a frozen pizza just in case (it turns out my wife had already settled on leftovers).

While I was in the pizza section of the store, I noticed something different, Mr. P’s Combination Crispy Crust Pizza. While it wasn’t something I would buy for more than one person, it looked very similar to the Totino’s Party Pizzas I will occasionally buy for myself. The only difference is this pizza was only 98 cents. That was too good of a bargain to pass up so, in addition to the pizza I had already picked out, I grabbed one of these as well and ended up having it for lunch today.

Because the pizza was less than $1, I wasn’t expecting it to be the greatest pizza I have ever tried. I did, however, expect it to be at least as good as the Totino’s pizzas (which are only about 30 cents more. Unfortunately, even that wasn’t the case.

First of all, there were hardly any toppings on these pizzas. This, to be honest, wasn’t much of a surprise considering the low price. But, I was still a bit disappointed by this; mostly because the picture on the box is very misleading when it comes to the quantity of sausage and pepperoni.

Another thing I didn’t like about this pizza is it lacked taste. The sauce (and there was plenty of that) didn’t seem to have any seasonings in it, including salt. That, combined with the lack of toppings, made the pizza bland. In fact, it was a bit like eating cardboard.

I will say this about the pizza; it did fill me up. I couldn’t even make it through the whole pizza. I was full with about three slices of it remaining.

In other words, if you are only looking for something that will give you a filling meal, this is a pretty decent bargain. However, if you are looking for flavor, I recommend spending a bit more money.

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