Review of Big Chi, Auto Digital Ceramic Hair Styling Iron

My favorite flat hair iron was my Remington Straightener which not only straightened my hair, but also infused it with avocado oil, which would leave my h air feeling super straight, soft and to top it off, shiny. I ha the iron for far too many years though, and finally came to the conclusion that it was time to replace it. This was how I ended up with a Big Chi, Auto Digital Ceramic Hair Styling Iron.

I figured with the Big Chi, Auto Digital Ceramic Hair Styling Iron’s 2 inch hot plate, that it would straighten more hair, making the entire hair straightening process go by even faster.

Unfortunately my initial thought ended up being dead off.

The first thing I noticed about the Big Chi straightener that I thought was neat was that it would display the exact temperature that the hot plate was. I thought it was impressive to be able to see exactly what temperature the hot plate was before actually using it.

That wow factor quickly diminished, when I actually began using the iron. The temperature of the hot plate would go down the moment I began running it down my hair. I would have to then wait for it to heat back up to the max temperature, only to have it lower once again, the moment it touched my hair.

Coming from an iron that held a temperature of up to 420 degrees, to this one, which topped out at under 390 was disappointing. The Big Chi however would never reach its max temperature potential regardless.

The next order of annoyances was the plate size. With my 1″ hot plate iron I could easily and quickly maneuver it through my hair, and very close to the scalp for max straightening. The Big Chi;s 2″ hot plate actually made it more difficult to use. There was added weight, bulk, and mostly what I hated was that it was more difficult to get this one close to the scalp, so any hair around 3 inches off my scalp that had any waves or curls, were very hard to attempt to get.

The last and final flaw with the Big Chi, Auto Digital Ceramic Hair Styling Iron is the fact that the digital plate that shows the temperature has a few buttons and design flaws that will catch, snag and rip your hair as your straighten it.

I initially bought the Big Chi, Auto Digital Ceramic Hair Styling Iron to save myself time, but instead it added more time to my hair styling regime. I had to constantly wait for the hot plate to be the right temperature, and I couldn’t work as fast due to the size and bulk of the iron. Snagging of the hair is no fun either.


I ended up boxing up the Big Chi, Auto Digital Ceramic Hair Styling Iron, and getting my money back. In turn I took that money and bought myself a new Remington. I’ll never switch again. I had heard nothing but good things about Chi Irons, but after trying one and being so disappointed with it, I doubt I’d try another one of their irons.

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