Review of ELF Essentials Eyeliner Brush

When I last ordered from ELF, I decided to pick up a couple of these eyeliner brushes because I needed a few. I was intrigued by the fact that this is a flat brush rather than an angled eyeliner brush, and since these brushes were only $1, it would be awesome if these worked well.

These brushes look like standard ELF Essentials line brushes, with a white plastic pearlized handle and silver lettering on the side. I was glad to see the ferrules on both of my brushes were not loose, as can happen with some ELF brushes. In fact, I noticed that these were more consistent than other ELF brushes I have seen. I have experienced no shedding, so I expect these brushes will last for quite a while. The bristles are yellow synthetic bristles, so they are cruelty free.

The thing I was most disappointed by was that the brush itself is so thick. I do not understand at all how a thin, straight line can be drawn using this awful tool. When I put this brush into my cream or gel liner, it simply clumps the bristles together and makes a big mess on my eyes. This is an ineffective brush for cream and gel liners.

However, this brush can be used for cream products, such as cream eyeshadows on the eye. It is not the most effective brush for this purpose because again, the bristles tend to clump together sometimes, which can cause uneven application. However, this is an option to use this brush. Another option which I have tried is to trim some of the bristles to make the entire brush thinner. Of course, the bristles are then not as dense, but this does help a little in making the application of liner smoother. However, I really do not think a brush like this is worth the trouble to cut the bristles.

I was really hoping that this brush would be effective at applying eyeliner. However, I remain unimpressed with both the quality of this brush and its functionality. I would definitely not recommend this brush to people looking for an actual eyeliner brush.

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