Review of ELF Essentials Lipstick in Classy

I’ve been rather late on getting this product, especially because of all its great reviews. I finally decided to check it out, picking what I thought was a nice neutral pink color. Of course, ELF’s color swatches are always inaccurate, so I ended up getting a much brighter pink than I expected, which I can still wear, of course, but it simply was not what I expected. Definitely be sure to search for swatches of your color before you order so you won’t end up being surprised.

I really did not like the packaging of these lipsticks. They come in a cheap, silver plastic tube, and I always feel like the lipstick will scrape the sides of the tube. The lipstick color can be seen from the side of the tube, but not from the top or bottom. It would be nice to have a window at the top to see the color easily. The lipstick can and does break easily, and it does seem to be a little longer than typical lipsticks in the tube, so there is probably a tad more product. The lipstick comes to a nice point, which is great for keeping a good shape. Because the product is only $1, the packaging is something to be expected.

The pigmentation of this lipstick was actually fantastic. I hadn’t expected such vibrancy and opaqueness in a product that is only $1. I was really impressed with how it applied. It is a bright rosy pink with a finish closer to matte than cream, though it does not feel drying. While I can’t wear this as an everyday color, I do like it, and it is flattering on my lips. The last of this lipstick is not as good as other ones that I have, but it can definitely compete with many drugstore brands. At least it does not wear off in one hour. I estimate that a reapplication every few hours is probably sufficient to keep up the color.

Were it not for the packaging, I would thoroughly enjoy this product, but I feel that the value and quality of the lipstick is enough to compensate for a little difficulty. I plan on checking out other colors of this product, and I do recommend this product.

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