Review of ELF Essentials Zit Zapper

While I do not really break out, and my face is more or less clear of acne, I do get the occasional small pimple on my nose or chin. Because I haven’t really purchased acne treatments in the past, I thought that this product could help me get by my occasional pimples. The product comes in a small rollerball with a decent amount of product. A lot of concern has been raised about how hygienic a rollerball format is, but I do not necessarily think that it is a huge problem. I have found that sometimes the rollerball is not the most effective at depositing product. It is best to tilt the rollerball slightly so the liquid takes up about half the container horizontally.

As to the effectiveness of this product, I was pleasantly surprised. When I saw a red spot on my skin that hadn’t yet become a pimple, I rolled this product over the area and a few hours later glanced in the mirror and was surprised to see that the red spot had gone! For actually fully formed pimples, putting this product on and leaving it isn’t enough. It does need to be reapplied every so often to actually be effective. But I have found that this product is not simply another beauty ripoff that promises to do something it can’t. While it may not be the most effective pimple eraser, it is probably the quickest for small emergencies as long as you make sure to reapply.

The best thing about this product is the awesome price. It is a mere $1 at the ELF website, which is incredible. For this price, you can get several to keep in your purse, car and your bathroom. I am really pleased with this product and will definitely repurchase. I highly recommend this product to everyone out there with occasional breakout problems. This product is definitely not enough to cure acne problems, but it can be used for smaller spot treatments.

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