Review of Everyday Minerals Blush in Daydream

Recently, I’ve been really into mineral blushes, particularly Everyday Mineral’s because they are fairly good quality, have great packaging, aren’t expensive, and best of all, are better for both you and the environment. Daydream is a beautiful brownish pink color in the container. It looks like nothing special, which disappointed me a little when I first got it, but I was pleasantly surprised when I applied it to the cheeks.

While it is a rather neutral color, it adds a beautiful look to the face. While it will instantly add color to the cheeks, it does not look overly obvious like brighter colors do. It doesn’t make you look intentionally made up, but gives the face a really polished look. It does not appear brown on the cheeks at all. Mineral blushes can often deceive because they aren’t necessarily as chalky as they look in the sifter.

This blush is particularly appropriate for work because it is so neutral. It has another good point, that it is completely matte. Many mineral blushes have mica and tend to be over sparkly, which is usually fine in eye makeup products, but not always what people want to put on their cheeks. Daydream is completely matte, which makes it appropriate for the office, school or on more mature women. It adds a sophisticated look to the face.

Of course, because this blush is a powder blush, it will not last the whole day. You will definitely need to reapply. However, this is fine because there is a lot of product in the blushes, and one of the large blush containers from Everyday Minerals will last a very long time. Even a sample blush size will last a good amount of time, though Everyday Minerals no longer sells the sample blushes separately.

Overall, I really love this color of blush. It is a great go-to blush, and I would willingly choose it if I could only pick one blush to wear for the rest of my life. It is very multipurpose and easy to wear. This color is highly recommended, and if I ever finish my container, I will definitely repurchase.

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