Review of Gillette Venus Embrace Razor

I usually just buy the disposable Venus razors that Gillette provides, but I came across a package of replacement cartridges for the Gillette Venus Divine while I was cleaning house, so I wanted the physical razor to go along with them. With replacement cartridges being upwards of $15, how could I not pass up getting the razor to go along with this free score?

Unfortunately, my local Wal-Mart had the same replacement cartridges for the Divine, but not the actual razor. I was totally bummed- I wanted to use the cartridges I had! But wait…next to the Venus Divine cartridges were the Gillette Venus Embrace cartridges, and they had the picture of the Divine in the upper left-hand corner of the package, leading me to believe that the Divine cartridges would fit the Embrace razor.

I took a chance and bought the Venus Embrace. After all, for less than $10, I got a cute pink razor with two cartridges and that holder that you can put in your shower. Score! Plus, I tried putting my Divine cartridge in the Embrace razor, and voila! It worked! So the Embrace razor works with the 3-bladed Divine, or the 5-bladed Embrace cartridge, which I thought was awesome!

What do I think of the Venus Embrace? Of course I love the moveable head so I can reach and shave safely difficult areas (like behind the knees) and the 5 blades of the Embrace razor shaves close like my husband’s GIllette Fusion does. I also like the gel-type handle for easy gripping, and the design is just grea, a pretty sherbet pearly pink. Compared to my typical disposable Venus razors, this Embrace is a welcome change!

Most of all I love how the Embrace fits other Venus cartridges, or at least the Divine ones. This way, I still have use for the cartridges I already have and can therefore save money, because the replacement cartridges are upwards of $18- not something I like. I was surprised that the Venus Embrace fit other style cartridges Venus has, because that actually saves consumers money, which marketing usually doesn’t support.

Another plus? The Embrace has 5 blades, so hairy men can use it, too- without the razor going dull. Since my husband is always stealing my razors anyhow, now he can get a close shave without nicking himself, and we don’t have the cost of 2 razors! He doesn’t mind that the razor is pink- after all, he got to choose between pink and blue, and he actually picked the pink one out! I think I’ll be sticking to the Venus Embrace and leaving the disposable Venus razors (which are also great) to emergency purchases only.

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