Review of Health Care Services at Third Street Family Health, Mansfield, Ohio

Third Street Family Health is Mansfield’s version of a free clinic. Located on Third Street in Mansfield, Ohio, Third Street Family Health provides comprehensive health care services including primary health care, gynecology, phlebotomy (drawing blood for blood tests), dental care and behavioral health services (counseling) to many patients with low incomes. Diabetes education and other health education programs are also offered.

Commonly referred to as the Third Street Clinic, the clinic accepts Medicaid, Medicare and many other insurance plans. The clinic also offers a sliding scale to patients that meet income guidelines, basing fees on the patients’ incomes. Services may be provided free of charge when patients cannot pay.

I have been receiving medical care at Third Street Family Health for about six years now. Sometimes free clinics provide good medical care but poor customer service and sometimes the quality of the medical care is questionable. I’m pleased to say the medical care I’ve received at the Third Street Clinic has always been first rate. I’ve been pleased with the dental care I’ve received there, also, though I was very dissatisfied with the behavioral health services and decided to seek counseling elsewhere.

Patients are assigned a primary care physician to provide continuity of care, though they may see another physician in urgent situations if their primary care provider is not available. The doctor I currently see at Third Street Family Health is Dr. Katherine Longsdorf, MD. I feel very fortunate to have a physician that encourages me to be proactive about my health. I truly feel like she and I work together as a team to manage and promote my good health.

Let me give an example. A few years ago, I had gastric bypass surgery. Since I no longer absorb vitamins and minerals normally, I need to have extensive blood work done every six months to check for nutritional deficiencies. I know some gastric bypass patients that have trouble convincing their doctors to order all the necessary blood tests (I don’t really know why doctors would hesitate to order tests to check for common nutritional deficiencies, but apparently many do) but I have no trouble at all. I take a list of the tests I want with me to my appointment, and Dr. Longsdorf orders them. In fact, she recently told me she is now using that list with all her gastric bypass patients.

Dr. Longsdorf always tells me about my options for diagnostic testing and treatment and we discuss the options and make a decision together. It’s the way I think the practice of medicine is supposed to work. I always feel respected and I feel that my health and my opinions are important to my physician.

I highly recommend Third Street Family Health to anyone in Mansfield that wants quality health care, regardless of income level or type of insurance. Even if you can afford to go elsewhere, I don’t think you’ll find better care anywhere.

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