Review of La Femme Blush in Heather

La Femme blushes have gotten a lot of attention on sites such as YouTube and blogs, and for good reason. It is no wonder these blushes are the blushes of professionals. They are incredibly pigmented, smooth and have a large range of beautiful colors.

La Femme blushes come in 36mm pan blushes, which I think are the same size as Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows, as well as Stila shadows. They usually retail for around $3. They are well pressed and not powdery at all, which I’m glad for. Too many cheap blushes have a powdery finish that makes the blush get all over the place and get quite messy.

Heather is a beautiful neutral color with silver shimmer in it. The shimmer is actually less of a frost, but little bits of silver glitter in the blush that are sparsely spaced enough to bring a nice light to the cheeks without looking shimmery or tacky. The blush is light enough that it will not show up on dark skin. It would, however, look perfect on fair or light skin. Heather is a warm tan color that brings color to the skin to prevent it from looking too pale and dead.

It is particularly pigmented, so it really doesn’t need much to add color to the cheek. Also, it won’t be too terrible if you over apply the blush. It won’t make you look clownish or overdone if you make a mistake. Thus, this blush is really easy on beginners, not least of all because it is a rather natural color that will look good on most people with lighter skin.

This blush will definitely not last the whole day. It will fade off your cheeks about halfway through, which makes touchups necessary if you want to keep the color on your cheeks throughout the day, which is a bit annoying, but I definitely don’t expect any blush to last the whole day.

Overall, I was really pleased with the quality of this blush. It is a gorgeous color, and I really love it. I would definitely repurchase it, and I look forward to trying some new colors.

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