Review of MAC Nubile Paint Pot

MAC recently came out with its Posh Paradise collection that includes paint pots and mattene lipsticks. Paint pots have always been very popular MAC products because of their high quality and versatility, so it is so wonderful to see MAC come up with a paint pot collection. It gives collectors the opportunity to collect colors that are otherwise unavailable, and MAC’s permanent paint pot collection is pretty much all neutral colors.

The Posh Paradise Collection has eight new paint pots with a versatile color range. The most neutral and wearable color in the collection is Nubile, which is a peachy pink mostly matte color. MAC claims that Nubile is a frost. While the color appears to have a bit of shimmer in the pot, it does not transfer in swatches or to the eye. The color itself is a very skin tone color, and is a good break from the generally yellower shades of the permanent collection. If you have a cooler skin tone, this would probably better suit your skin color than Painterly.

However, this color is extremely close to Painterly in its appearance and finish. It could even be described as a cross between Painterly and Girl Friendly because of its more pink tones though it is more peachy than both of them. I would definitely say Nubile is a better match to most people’s skin than Painterly is. Nubile also seems to have a slight beautiful sheen that both Painterly and Girl Friendly lack. While it is subtle, there is a difference between the two finishes.

As with other MAC paint pots, Nubile has excellent lasting power both on its own and under another eyeshadow. When using Nubile, I have no need to use a primer underneath as everything I put on top of it, be it eyeshadow or eyeliner, stays perfectly with no smudging. Because Nubile is such an ideal neutral nude color, I may even give up primer altogether because this one is so effective. I will say that while it is a good base for eyeshadow, it is certainly not tacky like other cream eyeshadows, which can mean especially powdery eyeshadows will have a hard time adhering to the lid on top of these shadows. But overall, I think this cream shadow is very versatile and is top notch quality.

I’d highly recommend it to everyone as a staple as I feel that most people can get a lot of use from this product, though I must also add that wearing Nubile alone won’t be very noticeable.

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