Review of Papa Murphy’s Apple Dessert Pizza

My wife and I decided to have a movie/pizza date last night at home after the kids went to bed. Since we didn’t have a frozen pizza at home and had to run some errands anyway, we decided to stop off at our local Papa Murphy’s Take N’ Bake to pick one up.

While in the restaurant ordering our pizza, I noticed they had some of their Apple Dessert Pizzas available for sale. I had seen these before but never had a chance to try one so I decided to invest the $4.99 and give it a try.

Since we kind of skipped lunch, my wife and I decided to make the pizza early and saved the dessert pizza for our movie night. We popped it in the oven while putting the kids to bed and, when it was done, each settled down on the couch with a slice.

It turned out to be a decent dessert.

There were a couple things I liked about this particular dessert pizza. First, like most Papa Murphy’s products, it was pretty easy to make. As I mentioned before, all we had to do was pop it in the oven and it was done after about 12 minutes. I also liked the fact it had to be baked in the first place because a warm dessert like this is perfect for cold Wisconsin winter nights like last night.

The dessert pizza had a good taste to it. The apple filling was sweet without being too sweet, something I definitely appreciated because foods that are too sweet tend to get me a bit sick to my stomach.

Another thing I liked about this particular Papa Murphy’s product was the cup of cream cheese frosting. This is something my wife enjoys but I don’t so I liked the fact it was something that was added later because she could put it on her half while I could have my half plain. That’s not something I can say about other desserts like this one.

My only real complaint about this product was the crust. This is served on a regular pizza crust and, when we got to the edge, it tasted very plain. While not horrible, it would have been better with some sugar or maybe even if it was stuffed with some more apple filling.

Overall though, I think my wife and I enjoyed this dessert. I don’t know if it is something I would buy every time I got a pizza from Papa Murphy’s, but I would consider buying it again and do recommend trying it if you haven’t already.

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