Review of Philips SatinPerfect Epilator, Total Body and Face Cordless

I was given a free Philips SatinPerfect Epilator, Total Body and Face Cordless from BzzAgent, in exchange for my honest opinion and word of mouth.

When I was first invited to the campaign I was beyond excited to have been chosen to receive this epilator for free, seeing that normally it would have cost me $149.00 for it. When I learned the price was so high, I knew that it would be difficult to truly weigh out the value of this product to the actual price.

I used to own a small epilator, which got the job done in a similar fashion, but the results were nowhere near as fantastic, and long lasting as the Philips SatinPerfect Epilator, Total Body and Face Cordless.

First and foremost, what is it?

I am sure plenty of you out there are wondering exactly what an epilator is. Basically it looks like a standard electric shaver, but it does so much more than just that. The epilator head on this particular device does not just cut down the hair to the skin, it literally yanks it up out of the root, and therefore the hair will be gone for a much longer period of time.

The Philips SatinPerfect Epilator, Total Body and Face Cordless does not just stop there as an epilator though, there is an attachment to use the device as an electric shaver as well.

The kit also comes with 2 additional head attachments which massage the skin to life the hair up even higher for closer shave, and so you do not miss those tiny fine hairs which other shavers, and epilators do miss. Lastly you will find a nifty little extra in your kit which is a pair of tweezers that also lights up, really allowing you to see those super fine hairs for easier removal. The kit of course also comes with a cleaning brush for you to clean the epilator with when you are done using it. Naturally the epilator attachment can be washed as well.

What I personally liked about this particular epilator was that I did not have to worry about battery life wearing off on me, as this particular device actually comes with a charger for you to charge it with. Once charged the epilator can go cordless, and will last up to 40 minutes with continual use.

Does It Hurt?

Naturally when one thinks of tiny hairs being pulled straight from the root out of your body, they associate the thought with pain. I can’t even lie and say that this epilator is painless, or gentle, because from not just my experience, but others I have allowed to use it had stated the same thing.

In fact, there are times when running the epilator over certain areas, that could literally leave you screaming in agony.

On The Face:

Pain level from 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

I’d rate it a 5.

The pain when using the epilator on your face is tolerable. It is definitely a quick shocker when you first use it, and almost feels like just that, a quick jolting shock, but nothing too horrendous. The lip area was probably the worst pain you will feel, and after that the shock of it all begins to wear down.

On The Legs:

I’d rate this area an 8.

I could not even bear to run the epilator around on my legs, that is how painful it was. It felt like someone ripping every hair violently out of the socket. I was able to use the epilator on just a small section for a limited amount of time before I had to throw in the towel.


10- and beyond.

Unless you have super fine baby thin hair under there, do not even put yourself through that agony. The same goes for the bikini area. Some folks in reviews have compared the pain to childbirth or getting a tattoo. I would not even attempt running the epiliator in these areas.

You could of course use the included shaver head to get at these areas, which I had done, with results I was not too thrilled with. The shave was close, sure, but not what I was expecting. I get better results with my re-useable razor.

Is It Worth $149.00?

This is where things get sticky for me, because I definitely love the results on my face, but seeing that when it came to the level of pain involved, I could really only use it on my face, and therefore my final verdict is that no, the Philips SatinPerfect Epilator, Total Body and Face Cordless is not worth that much money. If they could knock the price down by more than half, than I would fully recommend it due to how smooth it left my face, and how long that silky feeling has lasted thus far.

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