Review of Sally Hansen Vita E Lip Soother

My lips have been extra dry and rough for some reason. I think it’s because I have been have serve allergic reactions and all the medication I am taking. Anyways, I just started using the Sally Hansen Vita E Lip Soother to help get my lips soft, smooth, hydrated and nourished again and I have to say I have already started noticing an improvement in the condition of my lips.

The Sally Hansen Vita E Lip Soother has a vanilla scent and flavor to it and it comes in a clear lipstick like tube with about 0.1 ounces of lip soother, which by the way isn’t a lot at all. The lip soother is golden creamy colored with a butter smooth texture. The natural ingredients in this lip soother are waxes, Shea butter, aloe Vera, green tea, jojoba oil, acai fruit, safflower oil, vanilla, royal jelly, rose hop, vitamin E and C and essential moisturizing oils. I am happy most of the ingredients in this lip soother are natural and meant for repairing dry lips.

The way I have been using the lip soother is by simply pulling the cover off of it and rubbing it into my lips until my lips are nicely coated in a thin clear coating of nourishment and moisture. Lip soother doesn’t tingle or anything, but it does feel soothing without being greasy, oily or sticky. I do have to use the lip soother 3 to 5 times throughout the day and once before nighttime to help keep my lips soft and smooth and from becoming dried out, but overall I am very happy with the way this lip soother is working out for me. My lips even seem a little plumper and smoother in texture since I have been using this lip soother. I have to say the Sally Hansen Vita E Lip Soother is pricy, but well worth the money because it does work well at soothing the lips with natural ingredients.

I would recommend this lip soother to anyone looking for a natural way to repair and soothe dry or damaged lips because it has soften my super dehydrated lips greatly over a short period of time. For those of you who try this lip soother I hope it works well for you and you end up with silky soft repaired lips again like me. If not I hope you find another lip care product that helps treat your dried out rough lips naturally.

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