Review of Shaw R2X Environmentally Friendly Carpet Stain & Soil Remover

Our home has three rooms of Shaw brand carpeting. The carpeting in two of our bedrooms is ten years old , and our living room carpet was just installed a few months ago. Since we paid $3000 for the carpeting in our living room I decided to keep it in good condition by vacuuming regularly and applying Shaw R2X Carpet & Rug Stain & Soil Remover when foods are spilled or dirt is tracked in.

Shaw R2X Carpet & Rug Stain & Soil Remover comes in a 32 ounce bottle with a trigger sprayer applicator. The bottle states that it is environmentally friendly and that it is a “Stain & soil repellent system”. The label makes some amazing claims that immediately caught my eye when looking for a carpet cleaner. It states “Makes stains vanish and prevents them from reappearing. No need to rinse!”

Shaw R2X Carpet & Rug Stain & Soil Remover is safe for all types of carpets and rugs, even wool. The bottle states this is a “Green Formula” that is environmentally, always an important factor I consider when I look for cleaning products. It even bears the U.S. EPA seal stating the product is recognized for safer chemistry.

So what types of stains does Shaw R2X Carpet & Rug Stain & Soil Remover work on? Well, the list is impressive. My bottle explains that this cleaner can be used to remove stains such as fruit juice, oil, ketchup, wine, coffee and salsa. It has been my experience that Shaw R2X Carpet & Rug Stain & Soil Remover lives up to its name. A few days ago my daughter left her cup of coffee sitting on our brand new carpet, and my one year old granddaughter dumped it over. At least one cup of coffee was now saturating my high end carpet, and I rushed to take action.

After blotting the area with a lot of paper towels until it was nearly dry, I sprayed Shaw R2X Carpet & Rug Stain & Soil Remover onto the area, following directions to spray the stain with the cleaner and wait one to five minutes before blotting to remove the stain. I was amazed that the coffee stain came out without rubbing the carpet. I know that rubbing a carpet when cleaning it can make the carpet fibers fuzzy and ruin the nice plush appearance. There was one small spot that wasn’t coming clean, and this was from the residue of the instant coffee that was in the bottom of the coffee mug. I repeated the cleaning steps two more times, gently getting down between the carpet fibers, and today you would never know the coffee was even spilled on my carpet. It looks new again!

I used Shaw R2X Carpet & Rug Stain & Soil Remover in my granddaughter’s bedroom to clean up a few spots and stains. It worked on all of them except one small pink colored stain caused by red colored play putty. The Shaw R2X Carpet & Rug Stain & Soil Remover did fade the stain, but it did not remove all of it.

The directions on some carpet cleaners say to rinse the area after cleaning. Failure to do so with certain cleaners means dirt and grime can stick to the fibers, making the carpet look dirty sooner than it should and shortening its lifespan. The Shaw R2X Carpet & Rug Stain & Soil Remover does not need to be rinsed!

Shaw R2X Carpet & Rug Stain & Soil Remover has a light mild scent that is not overpowering and there was no perfume odor in my carpet after cleaning with it. I paid $20.00 for this cleaner, which is more expensive than most carpet cleaners found in local stores, but it is worth every penny. I consider it a great value since it works so well. I highly recommend this cleaner and will always have it in my home.

Even though this is a green cleaner, the label still warns to keep it out of the reach of children. It should not be mixed with other household products.

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