Review: Wal-mart Great Value Chocolate Cupcakes

The price of hot lunch at school has gotten to be a bit too pricey; especially since they usually serve things I know my oldest daughter will not eat. As a result of this, my wife and I pack her lunch about 99 percent of the time.

We needed a few more things to put in her lunch for dessert so, since I had to run to Wal-mart anyway, we ended up shopping for items while we were there. And, while we were in the snack aisle, we picked up a box of chocolate cupcakes from the Wal-mart Great Value brand.

To tell you the truth, even though I told my wife and daughter the cupcakes were for school lunches, I really picked them up because I was craving something with chocolate and they looked like they would be perfect for that. And, the fact they were considerably less than the Hostess brand did help with that decision quite a bit.

To be fair to my daughter, I did send most of the box with her during the week. But, the second I had a chance, I tried one of these cupcakes and have to say they were well worth the money we spent on them.

I have purchased quite a few chocolate treats from Great Value and other cheap brands and the quality, quite honestly, isn’t always there. I have had plenty of treats that had absolutely no sweetness to them; as though the company forgot to add sugar (or purposely didn’t add it to save money). And, I have had a few that actually were the exact opposite; they went overboard with the sugar.

However, that was not a problem with this product. The cupcakes offered just as much sweetness as I would expect to get from a more expensive brand (like Hostess). This included everything from the chocolate frosting on top, the creamy middle and even the cupcake itself.

Another thing that impressed me about this product was it was much more filling than I thought it would be. They cupcakes don’t look that big and I figured I would need two of them or, at very least, need to find something else to eat. But, one was more than enough. And, this was a good thing too considering I had to share the box.

If you are looking for some sort of sweet treat to have at home and don’t want to spend a fortune, I recommend looking for this product.

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