Review: Whiskas Puurfectly Fish Tuna Cat Food

Last Friday, I decided to run by the store after gym to pick up a couple food items for the weekend. While I was there, my wife sent me a text asking me to pick up cat food and, while in that section, I noticed packets of Whiskas Puurfectly Fish Tuna Cat Food.

I used to buy Whiskas cat food for our cat on a regular basis. But, after having kids, we had to settle for the cheaper brands. And, under most circumstances, I probably wouldn’t have even considered this product since it was more expensive and didn’t have nearly as much food. However, our cat has been somewhat ignored lately because everyone is either at work or in school so I figured I would get him a pouch as a treat.

I had no idea how much he would end up loving this product.

I didn’t give this to him right away because he already had two cans of cat food open. But, I did finally give this to him late Saturday afternoon. When I did this, I ended up giving him the entire pouch at once and immediately realized there was a bit more cat food inside it than I thought there would be (enough for two meals for him instead of just one).

My cat doesn’t normally eat a lot of food in one sitting so, when I gave him that much food; I figured he would end up leaving at least half of it on the paper plate I used. I couldn’t have been more wrong about that. At first, I didn’t think he liked it because he was being very cautious about trying it (I’m still convinced he secretly thinks I’m trying to poison him whenever I feed him). However, after trying a few bites, he devoured the rest. He was even licking the plate for several minutes after all the food was gone (which produced a few laughs as he was pushing the plate all over the kitchen). If I had more, I’m sure he would have eaten it.

Unlike some other moist foods we have purchased in the past, this product did not seem to upset his stomach (even after eating so much at once) and, unlike plenty of other cat foods, it didn’t have a strong smell to it (something that always makes my own stomach churn). In fact, if it weren’t for the price, I think I would consider switching him back to this food.

If you are looking for something different to give your cat, I recommend looking for this in your store’s pet section.

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