Revive Your Old Photos

There are many ways of transferring photos to a digital format even though you may not be very computer savvy. Nor is it necessary to purchase a new piece of equipment designed for that purpose. Truth be told, not many photo converters have received positive recommendations from testing organizations.

Of course, you could simply gather up your photos and take them all down to the local photo shop or even the chain drugstore in your area, but that would require a sizeable monetary investment.

Photograph Your Photos

If you have a digital camera you could use a tripod to snap digital photos of your favorite pictures. Or you could get creative and design an apparatus that would make it possible for you to take close-up photos of your treasured heirlooms. But you may not be satisfied with the results after having invested so much time and effort in the process. Glare, focus, aging photo paper, lighting, all reduce your prospects of reproducing quality photos.

Scan and Edit Your Photos

A better solution is to use a scanner for all your photos. Upload them to your computer and take advantage of photo processing software like Photoshop or Kodak EasyShare.

Some photos that were underexposed can be edited to appear brighter than in the original copy. Others that have faded through the years can be returned to crisp black and white specimens.


You will be able to create photos that are better than the originals by cropping them. Now you can zoom into a photo and focus on important people in the photo or parts of the composed it in the first place.

You can even create several photos from a single shot by isolating your Dad at the wheel of a treasured vintage vehicle; Snoopy, your boyhood canine companion; or vehicle itself.

Captions added to each photo will help to preserve especially salient information about the scene. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but too often we forget the story as the years go by.

Creative Fun Effects

Colored pictures can be given special treatment by rebalancing the colors in the photograph. All it takes is a bit of bringing out the artist in you.

Professional models always have their photos retouched. Now you can offer the same kind of treatment for your family and friends.

Then there are all the different kind of fun effects that you can add to a photo to revive a boring snapshot into a scene full of life that grabs everyone’s attention.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

By digitizing your old photos you are in charge. Now you are more than an everyday photographer — you have become a creative genius transforming a box full of old photos into an inheritance for generations to come.

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