I pushed,the failure ,together with so many sheets of paper in my drawer.Glaring at the time taken,by one aircraft,to arrive in Entebbe,I developed, a feeling ,of despair.Probably,am not good enough,to come up with, something new.Maybe,I should quit-after all,my aeronautic engineering job,at the London aviation company,is still secure.

The next afternoon,while dabbling my toes,in the pool,at home,I told Carol,an expert,I worked with,that I was,in doubt,I’d ever hog,the limelight.

“Hey,”she said. “Don’t tell me,you’re already giving up.With God ,everything ,is possible.Are you forgetting,the galactic, in you?

I shrugged.”I don’t care,if I can’t fly daily to Entebbe, for my breakfasts.”


“It will never happen,”I said.”That means,arriving in Entebbe,in a space of ,twelve hours,and automatically,being late for work.”

“No,no,”Carol said.”You’ve got it all wrong.What you require,is an aircraft,that adjusts itself smartly,to the speed you want.”

I fanned myself with a notebook,to cool.”I’ve just told you,it’s next to impossible.”Carol,seized the notebook from me,picked a pen from her hand bag,and scribbled two formulas.”These are the centripetal force formula and the Bernouli’s principle.”

“And so?”I goggled.She performed,a series of calculations,and finally stopped,”we’re bound to make history.Imagine,you’re able to be the earliest customer,at your favorite restaurant in Pretoria.”

“That would be fabulous,”I said.

“And someone else,is able to fly a similar type of aircraft,from Tokyo to Los Angeles,in a space of just ten minutes,or even less.”

I frowned.”Do you mean something,like a spaceship?”

“Never,this would be an aircraft.But we’ll have developed an engine,that can make it rotate like a rugby ball ,in motion-hence covering a longer distance.We can also,shape the aerofoil in such away that,the pressure above ,is always less than below,in spite of the multiple rotations.”

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