Rick Perry Runs as Jobs Creation Candidate, Announcement Imminent

“We are going to deliver him in the California primaries.” “We” is Dan Logue and other California State Assembly Republicans. “Him” refers to Rick Perry, the Texas Governor about to toss his Stetson into the race for GOP candidacy in 2012, according to a Business Insider piece.

The word is out
Perry’s announcement isn’t official just yet. The New York Times obtained an email by George Seay, Perry’s finance chairman, indicating an effort underway to raise funds for the aspiring candidate. He expressed desire for the note to have “zero interaction…with the media.” That’s the surest way to get it all over the news.

GOP jobs creation candidate
But Dan Logue, California’s biggest admirer and go-to West Coast guy for Rick Perry, would like to see the jobs creation candidate as a national ballot choice in 2012. That’s what Perry is in spades: all about business, jobs, low tax, states rights, and putting people back to work creating wealth for Americans instead of the government.

Left Coasters like Perry
“I would like him to do for America what he has done for Texas.” Logue has California in mind when he speaks of jobs and Perry in the same breath. Both Californians and their businesses are migrating to Texas. Logue would like to see them stay home, while the Left Coast state likes to drive them away.

Even Left Coast Democrats like Perry, because they are out of jobs just like everybody else in the state not taking a dole. California’s jobless seek employment in Texas. Perry promises jobs creation for all. It’s a welcome message for the entire nation.

Rick Perry’s official declaration of candidacy is expected on Saturday. Yee haa! Here we go!


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