Rock and Roll Hall of Shame

Cleveland, Ohio is a few hours from where I live and also the location of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I love rock and roll, and indifferent towards Cleveland, but have always wanted to visit the hall. After hearing the latest list of nominees to be inducted in 2012, however, I have changed my mind, but not before doing a little research.

When you think of rock and roll, well, at least when I think of rock and roll, I think of legendary bands like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, who are all members of the hall. But rock and roll doesn’t just begin and end with the super groups everyone has heard of. The Hall also includes some lesser known, more influential bands, as well. A couple nominees for 2012 are Guns N Roses and Heart. Great and influential bands, both of them. It’s the Gunners first time on the ballot and, it’s probably not a secret that they’ll get in on the first try. Heart, on the other hand, is spending their second year on the ballot–snubbed the first year. Let me just say that some of the bands I’m mentioning are just examples of where this so-called Hall of Fame has desperately missed the mark of getting things right. G n R? Definitely. Donna Summer, though? Really? Yeah, that Donna Summer. Yes, she is on the ballot…for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Let me continue…

Fortunately for you, I’m only going to be giving you an outline, a very brief rundown, if you will, of some of the atrocities this Hall has committed, starting with two more potential inductees for 2012–Chaka Khan and Laura Nyro. Let me ask you this–when you think of rock and roll, you instantly think of Laura Nyro, right? Go ahead and Wikipedia her and come back. This article will still be here. And Chaka Khan? Sure, right? Rolling Stones, Beatles, Chaka Khan–just flows off the tongue, doesn’t it? Of course it doesn’t! Whatever their contribution to rock and roll, I guarantee it was not as much as, oh, I don’t know, Deep Purple! What? You didn’t know? Deep Purple is not only not in the Hall of Fame, but has never been on the ballot. Smoke on the Water alone should be the song you hear when you enter the Hall–it’s a travesty this band hasn’t even been considered. Hold on, I’m almost done…

Another potential inductee for next year is Eric B. and Rakim. No, no, no–you’re still reading the same article–you haven’t somehow slipped into a parallel universe and began reading inductees for the Rap Hall of Fame–these guys, or this guy, or this band? or whatever, is on the ballot for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In other words, I’m telling you that Eric B. and Rakim have a shot at being in the Hall of Fame before Kiss does. Oh yeah, that’s right–Kiss–Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter–that Kiss. Kiss hasn’t even made it on a ballot. I have to admit I’m not the biggest Kiss fan on the planet, but even I understand how hugely important they were to the world of rock and roll. They had great songs, massive success, longevity and, if nothing else, influence. And Eric B. and Rakim are going to be in the Hall before Kiss. Think about that.

I’ve only mentioned a few names in this article, and I’ve got to end it here shortly, but I think I would be doing a great injustice if I didn’t inform you that other bands like Judas Priest and Rush have still not even made the ballot for the Hall of Fame. I could go on and on about who is not in and who is in, but it would take way too much time. Do some research for yourself–find out just who exactly votes on who gets in and who doesn’t (you’ll be surprised!), and you may just change your mind on making that summer trip to Cleveland to see your favorite bands in the Hall of Fame. Chances are, you won’t see all of them.

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