Rocky Mountains: The Best Place for Your Winter Vacation

There are not many winter sport fans out there that would not resist a magical vacation on the snow-capped slopes of the legendary Rocky Mountains, offering the chance to see breathtaking scenery and fascinating wildlife. Many of the most beautiful and exclusive ski resorts in the United States are found within these mountains, stretching over a length of approximately 3,000 miles and ranging from northern British Columbia, Canada all the way to New Mexico, United States. The highest mountain range is Mount Elbert in Colorado, topping an impressive 14,440 feet above sea level.

In this magical paradise, other than practicing traditional or extreme winter sports, visitors can admire the beautiful National Parks which even during the peak winter months, offer a rich array of tours guided by rangers.

Sun Valley, in Idaho, is a very popular location, beloved by celebrities for the beauty of its slopes and surrounding nature. Among the ski resorts of Wyoming, Jackson Hole, surrounded by the Grand Teton National Park, is certainly well known for its beautiful slopes and its typical western ambiance which still reigns today. Those who instead love roaming in a snowmobile or would like a horse-drawn sleigh ride should not miss a visit to the National Elk Refuge, where they get a chance to enjoy nature and admire several elk herd (thousands of elk gather together here) during winter-time in absolute freedom.

The “Sun Valley Sleg Dog Adventures” organizes various half-day or full-day tours, where, in addition to offering sled-dog rides ranging from one hour to a full day trip, serves as well gourmet meals at Spring Creek, once a colony of pioneers located in a remote location. Here you can enjoy steaming soups, sandwiches, homemade cakes, hot drinks and more. One of the most exciting itineraries is located along the path of Lewis and Clark, just as at the time of the two explorers. You can start off from Spalding, Idaho (a beautiful and friendly small town) with an initial visit at the museum dedicated to the Native Indian tribe of “Nez Perce.” The route then goes through Sinque Holes, Twelve Mile Saddle and Horsesteak Saddle Meadows where you will have the opportunity to visit the authentic Lewis and Clark camp-sites of their expedition.

A truly magical experience is a winter vacation at Yellowstone National Park, enhanced by its surreal sparkling snow creating a festival of lights, along with more than 10,000 geysers and natural hot water sources. Yellowstone National Park is the largest National Park of the world with its 2,219,789 acres. Even the Canadian Rockies offer an amazing sight: about 450 miles of mountains with peaks reaching 4,000 meters, connected by 40 glaciers and a highway known as the ”Icefields Parkway”, which runs for hours in a landscape lacking trace of any human settlements.

The after-ski experience for some deserved relaxation involves choice of soothing baths in huge heated pools with a backdrop of breathtaking sunsets or the comfort of a Jacuzzi in your own room in front of a crackling fireplace. And in the evening, visitors are finally offered the pleasure of dining in restaurants featuring dishes created by impeccable chefs coming from all over Europe, thousands of wine selections, and lounges with a friendly, accommodating atmosphere.

The Rocky Mountains boasting miles of downhill slopes stretching for miles from one glacier to another ultimately offer a variety of winter activities: cross-country skiing, skijoring with horses, racing sled dogs, snowmobiling and ice skating up to the most competitive sports, which of course, intensely attract the most avid mountain lovers.

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