Ron Paul Censorship–So Much for News… (A Rant)

Ron Paul is receiving the least bit of media coverage, the most notorious thing being his Ames Straw Poll close-victory, where he came in 9/10 of 1% of winning. And then there are the straw poll victories that followed: the ones in California, at the Value Voter’s Summit, and in New Hampshire are a few. The media doesn’t even care (they even put all of the emphasis on Cain when Paul won Value Voter’s). Then there’s Florida, the one he didn’t win, and the media begins saying Cain could be the candidate. Here is an interesting video that proves this double standard. The truth of the matter is this: straw polls are conducted so the people can vote for who they want. There is nothing worth biasing in this case–Ron Paul won these straw polls because the people voted for him. Just to be fair: In Florida, Cain won because the people voted for him.

The straw poll analysis on TV (and even on mainstream media sites) is classic bias. After the Ames Straw Poll, news articles were coming out titled something like “Bachmann Wins Ames Straw Poll; Pawlenty in third and Santorum in fourth.” That’s not just bias–that is flat-out censorship. Ron Paul won second, and everyone on the internet knew it. But seriously, why was there any need to censor the progress of a candidate? Jon Stewart pointed all of this out when it first happened. But the point of my article isn’t about why it was done, it is about what it looks like because this is done.

Did you know portions of Obama’s Inaugural Address were censored for communist China? Minus communism, this is similar to the Ron Paul case with the media. We are censoring a candidate’s progress in the 2012 election. It looks like we are censoring our political media like China. This might begin to sound like a bit of an exaggeration for some, but then again, so is making the assumption that just because Ron Paul wouldn’t fund foreign nations, it is assumed he would have opposed helping the UK during World War II. It just goes to show how ridiculous people can be. News is supposed to be full and honest, not censored and biased. Journalism was put into this world for independent thinkers to expose what was news. Now it has been manipulated by opinions, not the facts. Opinions are not an efficient method of news delivery–save opinions for articles like mine!

And then there’s the fact that the debates are focusing on only Romeny and Perry. It’s as if the media wants to decide the candidates for us, even though many of us don’t want these bickering jerks. And then once Cain starts to act like a real politician (flip flopping, taking sides with the banks, and criticizing Occupy Wall Street), he suddenly becomes a front-runner. Seriously, those polls they show in the mainstream media…pure bull feathers. That’s also technically censorship, since the media isn’t covering everyone equally. So now the media is starting to act like something out of George Orwell’s ever-coming-true-classic 1984. We are being told who are choices are, as if we don’t have brains (or because they think they are in control, not us). Last time I checked, the American people have free will, and let me tell you, we’ve got lots of it.

We are not a communist nation like China. There is absolutely no need to censor the media, especially over nothing of serious censor-worthy matter. Media, just broadcast Ron Paul’s victories at the straw polls and you don’t even have to have your thoughts on it (at least you shouldn’t, anyways). At least, we are supposed to be a free society. This is exactly why Ron Paul is running for president, and that is to preserve liberty and the free society United States. If it turns out that the ones who have more power than the news anchors are the ones that censor the media, then shame on you (after all, they did censor the Monsanto milk story). If it is you, you are probably upset that you don’t have enough control in the world, so you want to have control over the media, which is the people’s access to what is happening in the world–how childish! If the censorship is because of the individual news anchors and journalists, then shame on you. Shame on you for making journalism in vein. If both parties are to blame…well, then what else is there to say? The people will lose all trust in the news, and then what will they do? And what will the media do if Ron Paul wins the candidacy?

Enough is enough! Either stop biasing/censoring your media, or the people will not be pleased. Don’t think revolution is limited to government…

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