Ron Paul Picks Up More Endorsements in South Carolina

COMMENTARY | The support for Ron Paul is picking up steam as three more South Carolina Senators endorsed his bid on Tuesday for the Republican presidential nomination. It seems with each passing day more people are starting to wake up, even those in already serving in government are beginning to open their eyes and realize that Dr. Paul really is what we need to get America back on its feet. Perhaps the mainstream media will finally catch on to the fact that Ron Paul is electable, and give him his fair share of coverage over the real issues facing this country. The list of Republicans backing Ron Paul now includes Sen. Lee Bright (R-Spartanburg), Sen. Kevin Bryant (R-Spartanburg), and Sen. Danny Verdin (R-Greenville).

Sen. Lee Bright was elected to the South Carolina State Legislature in 2008. He is known as a fiscal and social conservative. Sen. Bright serves on the committees for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Judiciary, Labor Commerce and Industry and Transportation. He also serves on the William Wallace Caucus, which is a non-legislative caucus that votes against government intrusion, wasteful spending and unnecessary regulation.

Sen. Kevin Bryant was a delegate at the Republican National Convention in 2000. He was the Chairman of the Anderson County Republican Party from 1997 to 2001. He joined the South Carolina State Senate in 2004 and has served in that position since representing the 3rd district. On his blog Sen. Bryant says, “”Why Dr. Paul?” is the question many people have asked, “He’s got some extreme positions.” Well, “let me remind you, that extremism in the pursuit of liberty is no vice” (Barry Goldwater-1964) I’ve also reminded my friends that our future generations have had $117 trillion debt thrust upon them. This extreme problem needs extreme solutions before we self-destruct.”

Sen. Danny Verdin is a third-term Republican from South Carolina’s 9th District. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. He also serves as a committee member for Finance, Invitations, Medical Affairs, Transportation and Fish, Game and Forestry.

Even South Carolina Senator Jim Mint, who isn’t endorsing any candidate at the moment, had this to say about Ron Paul: “If we don’t listen to Ron Paul the unaccountable, out of control Federal Reserve is going to destroy our monetary system. The whole concept of individual liberty and limited government, that needs to be not only the core of the Republican Party but American people need to realize that that’s what makes us great, not this central government collectivism that we’ve moved towards now.”

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